Sonic Jump Fever Achievement List

Total XP43000 points
RatingsNo Ratings

15 Achievements

high-jumper achievement icon
High Jumper 1000 XP
Jump 400 metres in one game
combo-king achievement icon
Combo King 1000 XP
Achieve a 20x combo
badnik-beatdown achievement icon
Badnik Beatdown 2000 XP
Destroy 500 Badniks in total
free-the-animals achievement icon
Rescue 20 animals in the balloon
going-up_3 achievement icon
Going Up 3000 XP
Upgrade a character’s power-up to level 6
fever achievement icon
Fever 3000 XP
Upgrade Fever to level 10
time-extend achievement icon
Time Extend 1000 XP
Reach 3 time extends in one game
jump-for-my-love achievement icon
Befriend a Chao
boosters achievement icon
Boosters 2000 XP
Use 3 different boosters in total
ring-master achievement icon
Ring Master 2000 XP
Collect 10,000 Gold Rings in Fever Mode
group-shot achievement icon
Group Shot 5000 XP
Unlock 3 characters
1-in-a-million achievement icon
1 In A Million 5000 XP
Find a Super Rare Chao in the Chao Forest
jump-jump-jump_1 achievement icon
Jump 10,000 metres in total
high-score-tourist achievement icon
Post a score to the leaderboards in 3 different zones
chao-master achievement icon
Chao Master 4000 XP
Play with 6 different Chao
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