Solitaire Achievement List

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You can find the list of Google Play achievements for Solitaire below. This game is developed by MobilityWare. Any guide information will be displayed beneath each achievement.

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Total XP31500 points
RatingsNo Ratings


shout-it-out achievement icon
Shout It Out 500 XP
Use Tell A Friend to let your friends know about Solitaire.
my-first-one achievement icon
My First One 500 XP
Win a draw 1 game
hey-i-won-a-three achievement icon
Win a draw 3 game
centurion_1 achievement icon
Centurion 1000 XP
Win 100 draw 1 games
three-s-company achievement icon
Three's Company 1000 XP
Win 50 draw 3 games
apprentice achievement icon
Apprentice 1000 XP
Play 1,000 games
journeyman achievement icon
Journeyman 2000 XP
Play 5,000 games
master_35 achievement icon
Master 5000 XP
Play 10,000 games
perfectionist_1 achievement icon
Perfectionist 500 XP
Win 5 games without using undo
go-it-alone achievement icon
Go It Alone 500 XP
Win 10 games without using hints
500-club achievement icon
500 Club 1500 XP
Win 500 games
smooth-mover achievement icon
Smooth Mover 500 XP
Win a game in 105 moves or less
no-wasted-effort achievement icon
Win a game in 95 moves or less
quick-draw achievement icon
Quick Draw 500 XP
Win a game in 2:15 or less
speed-demon achievement icon
Speed Demon 1000 XP
Win a game in 1:45 or less
vegas-baby-vegas achievement icon
Play a perfect Vegas game
all-star_6 achievement icon
All-Star 1000 XP
Get a standard score > 5000
mvp achievement icon
MVP 1500 XP
Get a standard score > 7000
hall-of-fame achievement icon
Hall Of Fame 2000 XP
Get a standard score > 10,000
back-to-back-wins achievement icon
Win 2 in a row
three-of-a-kind achievement icon
Three-Of-A-Kind 1000 XP
Win 3 games in a row
aces-up achievement icon
Aces Up 2000 XP
Move all Aces to the foundation before touching the stock
the-champion achievement icon
The Champion 1000 XP
Win 10 multiplayer games
prospector_1 achievement icon
Prospector 1500 XP
Find better solution to a winning deal. Shorter than Show Me How To Win.
on-the-board achievement icon
On The Board 1000 XP
Made it on the Winning Deals Leaderboard
one-grand achievement icon
One Grand 1000 XP
Get a Vegas Cumulative score of 1000 or more.
all-hands-on-deck achievement icon
Place all cards face up in the tableaus
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