Soda Dungeon Achievement List

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Total XP52500 points
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24 Achievements

a-for-effort achievement icon
A+ For Effort 1000 XP
Complete your first dungeon trip.
fork-in-the-road achievement icon
Discover and explore an alternate path in the dungeon.
gladiator achievement icon
Gladiator 1500 XP
Enter a battle in the Arena.
boss-buster achievement icon
Boss Buster 1500 XP
Slay 10 bosses.
exterminator_1 achievement icon
Exterminator 1500 XP
Slay 500 enemies.
dealmaker achievement icon
Dealmaker 1500 XP
Sell 100 items.
the-next-dimension achievement icon
Complete dungeon level 100.
more-items-please achievement icon
Complete dungeon level 250.
halfway-there achievement icon
Halfway There 2000 XP
Complete dungeon level 500.
dungeon-pro achievement icon
Dungeon Pro 2000 XP
Complete dungeon level 750.
true-warrior achievement icon
True Warrior 5000 XP
Complete dungeon level 1000.
rare-find achievement icon
Rare Find 1500 XP
Find a rare item.
legend-has-it achievement icon
Legend Has It 2500 XP
Find a legendary item.
explorer_3 achievement icon
Explorer 2500 XP
Complete 50% of the bestiary.
me-and-steve achievement icon
Me and Steve 5000 XP
Complete 100% of the bestiary.
sugar-high achievement icon
Sugar High 2500 XP
Purchase all basic sodas.
doesn-t-make-sense achievement icon
Steal essence from an enemy.
status-poor achievement icon
Status: Poor 2500 XP
Inflict burn, sleep, poison, and confusion on one enemy.
endurance-test_1 achievement icon
Endurance Test 2500 XP
Complete 100 levels in one trip.
take-the-high-road achievement icon
Win a battle by only defending.
back-at-ya achievement icon
Back at Ya 1500 XP
Reflect 100 damage from a single attack.
for-honor achievement icon
For Honor 1500 XP
Have one Knight defend for another Knight.
all-you-need-is-soda achievement icon
Complete 50 levels with only one Soda Junkie.
the-legend-of-dinner-boy achievement icon
Hope you're hungry.
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