Slayin Achievement List

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You can find the list of Google Play achievements for Slayin below. This game is developed by FDG Entertainment GmbH & Co.KG. Any guide information will be displayed beneath each achievement.

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Total XP78500 points
RatingsNo Ratings


knightly-accolade achievement icon
Play as the Knight
warlock achievement icon
Warlock 1000 XP
Unlock the Wizard
daggers-drawn achievement icon
Daggers Drawn 1500 XP
Unlock the Knave
top-scorer achievement icon
Top Scorer 1000 XP
Get a high score of 100k points
highscore-hunter achievement icon
Get a high score of 300k points
standing-ovations achievement icon
Watch the credits
treasure-hunter_6 achievement icon
Treasure Hunter 2500 XP
Open 100 chests
fashion-victim_2 achievement icon
Fashion Victim 5000 XP
Buy seven game skins
professional_4 achievement icon
Professional 3000 XP
Unlock advanced mode
monster-hunter achievement icon
Monster Hunter 4000 XP
Unlock boss rush mode
royal-knight achievement icon
Royal Knight 3000 XP
Finish all quests with the Knight
grand-mage achievement icon
Grand Mage 3000 XP
Finish all quests with the Wizard
master-thief achievement icon
Master Thief 3000 XP
Finish all quests with the Knave
dragon-slayer_2 achievement icon
Dragon Slayer 2000 XP
Defeat the Dragon
r-i-p achievement icon
R.I.P. 1000 XP
Buy a gravestone decoration
monster-tamer achievement icon
Monster Tamer 2500 XP
Beat boss rush mode
unbreakable_4 achievement icon
Unbreakable 5000 XP
Reach level 120
combo-master achievement icon
Combo Master 5000 XP
Get a combo of 150
rockefeller achievement icon
Rockefeller 3000 XP
Spend a total of 10,000 coins
walk-into-the-light achievement icon
Use dragon scale once
v-i-p_2 achievement icon
V.I.P 2000 XP
Gather 10,000 fame points
fast-food-junkie achievement icon
Eat 100 meat
stubborn achievement icon
Stubborn 1000 XP
Die 100 times
take-aim achievement icon
Take aim 2000 XP
Unlock the Archer
jockey achievement icon
Jockey 2500 XP
Unlock the Tamer
shinobi achievement icon
Shinobi 3000 XP
Unlock the Ninja
bull-s-eye achievement icon
Bull's Eye 4000 XP
Finish all quests with the Archer
rodeo-master achievement icon
Rodeo Master 4000 XP
Finish all quests with the Tamer
silent-predator achievement icon
Silent Predator 4000 XP
Finish all quests with the Ninja
jukebox achievement icon
Jukebox 2000 XP
Unlock the new ingame theme
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