Sky Force 2014 Achievement List

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Infinite Dreams
Total XP96000 points
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27 Achievements

you-ll-need-more-than-that-mantis achievement icon
Destroy 1 000 enemies.
getting-good-at-breaking-things achievement icon
Destroy 2 500 enemies.
a-really-nice-pat-on-your-back achievement icon
Destroy 10 000 enemies.
a-token-of-gratitude achievement icon
Rescue 100 people.
rescue-ranger achievement icon
Rescue Ranger 2000 XP
Rescue 500 people.
i-kind-of-liked-it-back-there achievement icon
Rescue 1 000 people.
medal-of-honor_3 achievement icon
Medal Of Honor 1000 XP
Earn 10 medals.
badge-of-military-merit achievement icon
Earn 50 medals.
fidelity-medallion achievement icon
Earn 100 medals.
handsomely-rewarded achievement icon
Collect 100 000 stars.
yeah-i-ll-have-a-bag-of-those achievement icon
Collect 500 000 stars.
gazing-at-the-stars achievement icon
Save 20 000 stars in your bank.
little-bit-of-this-little-bit-of-that achievement icon
Use 3 different power-ups in a single game.
they-re-no-good-in-your-pocket achievement icon
Save 5 power-ups at the end of the stage.
unstoppable-grog achievement icon
Ram through an enemy wave with your Energy Shield.
lord-of-destruction achievement icon
Destroy at least 15 enemies with one Mega-Bomb.
heat-ray achievement icon
Heat Ray 10000 XP
Burn through 10 enemies with your Laser.
i-m-still-alive achievement icon
I'm Still Alive 1000 XP
Finish a stage with your health lower than 5%.
i-ve-got-the-power_2 achievement icon
Use any 5 power-ups in a single game.
party-animal_1 achievement icon
Party Animal 1000 XP
Rescue your friends' 20 times.
the-command-is-in-your-debt achievement icon
Rescue 5 VIPs.
to-win-the-tournament achievement icon
Enter the tournament.
it-wasn-t-me achievement icon
It Wasn't Me! 2000 XP
Destroy the lighthouse without touching it.
stellar-superstar achievement icon
Collect all the stars from Stage 3.
against-the-odds achievement icon
Against The Odds 10000 XP
Destroy all enemy towers on Stage 5.
house-of-cards achievement icon
House Of Cards 5000 XP
Find all the cards.
cheater-just-kidding-you-re-cool achievement icon
Complete Stage 8 without using power-ups.
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