Six! Achievement List

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Gram Games Limited
Total XP4500 points
RatingsNo Ratings

9 Achievements

six-beginner achievement icon
Six! Beginner 500 XP
Make 500 points to unlock
six-experienced achievement icon
Make 1000 points to unlock
six-master achievement icon
Six! Master 500 XP
Make 3000 points to unlock
six-grand-master achievement icon
Make 5000 points to unlock
star-collector-beginner achievement icon
Collect 3 stars in 1 game
star-collector-advanced achievement icon
Collect 6 stars in 1 game
star-collector-master achievement icon
Collect 9 stars in 1 game
star-collector-grand-master achievement icon
Collect 12 stars in 1 game
challenge-master_2 achievement icon
Complete all 3 Daily challenges in a day
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Time Required To Get 100% Achievements