SimCity BuildIt Achievement List

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You can find the list of Google Play achievements for SimCity BuildIt below. This game is developed by ELECTRONIC ARTS. Any guide information will be displayed beneath each achievement.

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Total XP20000 points
RatingsNo Ratings


culture-capital achievement icon
Culture Capital 1000 XP
Provide Culture services to 175 Residential Zones with Landmarks.
parks-rec achievement icon
Parks & Rec 1000 XP
Provide Park services for 200 Residential Zones.
sin-city achievement icon
Sin City 1000 XP
Provide Gambling services for 125 Residential Zones.
smart-city achievement icon
Smart City 1000 XP
Provide Educational services for 150 Residential Zones.
economic-empire achievement icon
Economic Empire 1000 XP
Trade and earn §250000.
importer achievement icon
Importer 1000 XP
Spend §250000 when trading.
social-city achievement icon
Social City 1000 XP
Have 15 friends.
clean-green-city achievement icon
Provide Wind/Solar Power to 150 Residential Zones.
smoggy-city achievement icon
Smoggy City 1000 XP
Provide Coal/Oil Power to 170 Residential Zones.
super-power_4 achievement icon
Super Power 1000 XP
Provide Nuclear/Fusion Power to 175 Residential Zones.
wealthy-city achievement icon
Wealthy City 1000 XP
Collect §1000000 in Taxes.
growing-city achievement icon
Growing City 1000 XP
Open 35 expansions on the Game map.
tiny-town_1 achievement icon
Tiny Town 1000 XP
Have 8000 Sims living in your City.
suburb-city achievement icon
Suburb City 1000 XP
Have 26000 Sims living in your City.
population-boost achievement icon
Have 70000 Sims living in your City.
big-city_1 achievement icon
Big City 1000 XP
Have 200000 Sims living in your City.
metropolis achievement icon
Metropolis! 1000 XP
Have 1000000 Sims living in your City.
captain_16 achievement icon
Captain 1000 XP
Complete 250 Cargo Shipments.
mad-scientist_4 achievement icon
Mad Scientist 1000 XP
Unleash 250 Disasters.
pilot_1 achievement icon
Pilot 1000 XP
Complete 250 Air Cargo Shipments.
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