Shooting Expert 2 Achievement List

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Total XP31500 points
RatingsNo Ratings

12 Achievements

beginner_14 achievement icon
Beginner 500 XP
Score 25000 points.
advanced_2 achievement icon
Advanced 2000 XP
Score 45000 points.
expert achievement icon
Expert 4000 XP
Score 60000 points.
bottle-shots-beginner achievement icon
Destroy 50 bottles. +15% on next shots.
bottle-shots-advanced achievement icon
Destroy 200 bottles. +25% on next shots.
bottle-shots-expert achievement icon
Destroy 500 bottles. +40% on next shots.
popper-shots-beginner achievement icon
Shoot 100 poppers. +15% on next shots.
popper-shots-advanced achievement icon
Shot 300 poppers. + 25% on next shots.
popper-shots-expert achievement icon
Shot 700 bottles. +40% on next shots.
10-match-winner achievement icon
10 match winner 2000 XP
Play and won 10 match...
50-match-winner achievement icon
50 match winner 4000 XP
Won 50 match....
100-match-winner achievement icon
Won 100 match...
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