Robot Unicorn Attack 2 Achievement List

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Total XP8000 points
RatingsNo Ratings

8 Achievements

i-wish-i-may achievement icon
I wish I may 1000 XP
Make three wishes.
star-dancer achievement icon
Star Dancer 1000 XP
Dash through 100 Stars
push-it-to-the-limit achievement icon
Run a total distance of 100,000
the-sky-is-the-limit_1 achievement icon
Be airborne for a total of 100,000
carving-a-giant achievement icon
Carving a Giant 1000 XP
Destroy 50 Star Giants
don-t-cry-for-me_1 achievement icon
Collect 10,000 Tears
a-shimmer-of-fairies achievement icon
Collect 1,000 Fairies
acrobat_1 achievement icon
Acrobat 1000 XP
Jump through 1,000 hoops
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