Robbery Bob Achievement List

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You can find the list of Google Play achievements for Robbery Bob below. This game is developed by Level Eight AB. Any guide information will be displayed beneath each achievement.

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Total XP60000 points
RatingsNo Ratings


first-time-offender achievement icon
Complete First Level In Suburbs.
biff-s-new-best-friend achievement icon
Complete First Level In Downtown
best-guinea-pig-ever achievement icon
Complete First Level In Secret Lab
sneaky-treat achievement icon
Sneaky Treat 500 XP
Get 15 Badges In Bonus Chapter
spread-the-wealth achievement icon
Get 5 Perfect Badges
juvenile-offender achievement icon
Get 15 Badges In Suburbs
repeat-offender_1 achievement icon
Repeat Offender 1000 XP
Get 30 Badges In Suburbs
menace-of-suburbia achievement icon
Get 45 Badges In Suburbs
burglar achievement icon
Burglar 500 XP
Get 15 Badges In Downtown
safecracker achievement icon
Safecracker 1000 XP
Get 30 Badges In Downtown
kingpin achievement icon
Kingpin 1500 XP
Get 45 Badges In Downtown
lab-ferret achievement icon
Lab Ferret 500 XP
Get 15 Badges In Secret Lab
security-consultant achievement icon
Get 30 Badges In Secret Lab
pilfer-paradox achievement icon
Pilfer Paradox 1500 XP
Get 45 Badges In Secret Lab
elite-larcenist achievement icon
Elite Larcenist 2500 XP
Get 15 Perfect Badges In Suburbs
criminal-mastermind achievement icon
Get 15 Perfect Badges In Downtown
man-of-steal achievement icon
Man Of Steal 2500 XP
Get 15 Perfect Badges In Secret Lab
takedown_1 achievement icon
Takedown 5000 XP
Complete Suburbs
embezzled achievement icon
Embezzled 5000 XP
Complete Downtown
prison-break achievement icon
Prison Break 5000 XP
Complete Secret Lab
solved-conundrum achievement icon
Complete Bonus Chapter
master-thief_2 achievement icon
Master Thief 10000 XP
Get 45 Perfect Badges In Story Chapters
catch-me-if-you-can achievement icon
Make A Guard Curse 3 Times On The Same Level
was-that-a-rat achievement icon
Was That A Rat? 1000 XP
Make An Old Lady Suspicious 3 Times On The Same Level
caution-wet-floor achievement icon
Complete A Level With Footprints
the-shadow_2 achievement icon
The Shadow 1500 XP
Complete A Night Level Without Being Detected
invisible achievement icon
Invisible 1500 XP
Complete A Level Without Being Detected
stay-put achievement icon
Stay Put! 1000 XP
Make A Dog Stop Following Bob
who-goes-there achievement icon
Who Goes There? 1000 XP
Use A Distraction Successfully
doppelganger achievement icon
Doppelganger 1000 XP
Use Shadow Bob Successfully
prison-blues achievement icon
Prison Blues 500 XP
Get Busted
who-you-gonna-call achievement icon
Get Busted By A Dispatched Cop
caught-on-camera achievement icon
Get Detected By CCTV
portal achievement icon
Portal 500 XP
Use A Teleporter
dog-person achievement icon
Dog Person 1000 XP
Make A Dog Follow Bob For One Minute
robbin-bobette achievement icon
Disguise Bob As A Woman
dr-who achievement icon
Dr Who? 500 XP
Disguise Bob As A Scientist
old-grumpy achievement icon
Old Grumpy 500 XP
Disguise Bob As A Old Lady
on-the-beat achievement icon
On The Beat 500 XP
Disguise Bob As A Police Officer
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