Total XP25500 points
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16 Achievements

first-purchase_14 achievement icon
Purchased one upgrade for your restaurant
twenty-five-purchases achievement icon
Buy 25 upgrades for Big Bay Burgers
play-dress-up achievement icon
Play Dress Up 500 XP
Bought an item in the avatar store
cola-classic achievement icon
Cola Classic 500 XP
Upgraded the Cola Dispenser to Level 1 in Big Bay Burgers
fry-master achievement icon
Fry Master 500 XP
Fried lots of ingredients in Big Bay Burgers
supply-and-demand achievement icon
Unlock the Farm Market
seasoned-burgers achievement icon
Beat 10 episodes in Big Bay Burgers
more-seasoned-burgers achievement icon
Beat 20 episodes in Big Bay Burgers
well-seasoned-burgers achievement icon
Beat 30 episodes in Big Bay Burgers
pizza-pie-improvements achievement icon
Obtain lots of upgrades in Pizza Paisan
unlock-pizza-paisan achievement icon
Unlocked the Pizza Paisan Restaurant
unlock-lucky-langoustine achievement icon
Unlocked Lucky Langoustine Restaurant
credit-where-credit-is-due achievement icon
After unlocking Level 10, watch the credits until the end.
mc-swipe-a-lot achievement icon
MC Swipe-a-lot 2500 XP
Swiped to clear 2+ tips at a time, 100 times
swiperfect achievement icon
Swiperfect 5000 XP
Swiped to clear 2+ tips at a time, 1000 times
service-sash-master achievement icon
Served 1,000,000 Customers
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