Really Bad Chess Achievement List

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You can find the list of Google Play achievements for Really Bad Chess below. This game is developed by Noodlecake Studios Inc. Any guide information will be displayed beneath each achievement.

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Total XP56000 points
RatingsNo Ratings


first-of-many_3 achievement icon
First of many 1000 XP
Win your first ranked board
day-one achievement icon
Day one 1000 XP
Win your first daily board
week-one achievement icon
Week one 1000 XP
Win your first weekly board
even-footing achievement icon
Even footing 1000 XP
Reach rank 50 in ranked mode
underdog_9 achievement icon
Underdog 1000 XP
Reach rank 75 in ranked mode
champion_53 achievement icon
Champion 5000 XP
Reach rank 100 in ranked mode
day-by-day achievement icon
Day by day 1000 XP
Win 7 dailies in a row
lunatior achievement icon
Lunatior 1000 XP
Win 4 weeklies in a row
no-time-to-waste_1 achievement icon
Win a game in 15 moves or less
no-time-at-all achievement icon
No time at all 5000 XP
Win a game in 5 moves or less
rebel_1 achievement icon
Rebel 5000 XP
Checkmate the AI with a pawn
hero_55 achievement icon
Hero 1000 XP
Checkmate the AI with a knight
crusader_1 achievement icon
Crusader 1000 XP
Checkmate the AI with a bishop
traitor achievement icon
Traitor 1000 XP
Checkmate the AI with a rook
regnant achievement icon
Regnant 1000 XP
Checkmate the AI with a queen
usurper achievement icon
Usurper 1000 XP
Checkmate the AI with your king
fool-s-mate achievement icon
Fool's mate 5000 XP
Win in two moves
fool-s-mated achievement icon
Fool's mated 5000 XP
Lose in two moves
wait-that-works-here achievement icon
Perform a castling move (not in freeplay)
surprise_1 achievement icon
Surprise! 5000 XP
Capture a pawn en passant (not in freeplay)
movin-on-up achievement icon
Movin' on up 1000 XP
Promote a pawn (not in freeplay)
perfection_26 achievement icon
Perfection 5000 XP
Win a game without losing a single piece
longest-game-ever-recorded achievement icon
Play a game longer than 269 moves
knowing-is-half-the-battle achievement icon
Read all the tutorials
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