Reactor - Idle Tycoon. Energy Business Manager. Achievement List

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Total XP64000 points
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19 Achievements

tap-10-times-on-wind-turbines achievement icon
Tap 10 times on Wind Turbines to renew it.
tap-100-times-on-wind-turbine achievement icon
Tap 100 times on Wind Turbine to renew it.
earn-your-first-100 achievement icon
Earn your first $100.
earn-your-first-100-000 achievement icon
Earn your first $100 000.
earn-your-first-100-000-000 achievement icon
Earn your first $100 000 000
research-first-technology achievement icon
Research your first technology in research center.
research-5-technologies achievement icon
Research 5 technologies in research center.
research-all-technologies achievement icon
Research all technologies in research center.
upgrade-building-to-10-lvl achievement icon
Upgrade one of your buildings to 10 lvl.
upgrade-building-to-50-lvl achievement icon
Upgrade one of your buildings to 50 lvl.
upgrade-building-to-100-lvl achievement icon
Upgrade one of your buildings to 100 lvl.
prestige-first-time achievement icon
Use prestige for the first time.
prestige-5-times achievement icon
Use prestige 5 times.
prestige-10-times achievement icon
Use prestige 10 times.
earn-100-per-second achievement icon
Earn $100 or more per second.
earn-10-000-per-second achievement icon
Earn $10 000 or more per second.
unlock-second-island achievement icon
Unlock second island on your map.
unlock-special-island achievement icon
Unlock special island on your map.
unlock-all-islands achievement icon
Unlock all islands on your map.
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