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You can find the list of Google Play achievements for QuizUp below. This game is developed by Glu. Any guide information will be displayed beneath each achievement.

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Total XP26500 points
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legionary achievement icon
Legionary 500 XP
Win 100 matches to unlock the Legionary and start your accession up the ranks.
centurion_5 achievement icon
Centurion 500 XP
You will have to win 250 matches to earn a promotion to the rank of Centurion.
legatus achievement icon
Legatus 500 XP
Become a true veteran of the game and win 500 matches to unlock the Legatus.
dux achievement icon
Dux 500 XP
Take the lead and win 1,000 matches to unlock the Dux.
praetorian achievement icon
Praetorian 500 XP
The Praetorians were the elite of the Roman Imperial guard. Win 10,000 matches to unlock this elite achievement.
three-peat achievement icon
Three-Peat 500 XP
The Three-Peat achievement requires 3 wins in a row.
ten-tacular achievement icon
Ten-Tacular 500 XP
With 10 wins in a row, you'll unlock this Tentacular achievement.
ramtastic achievement icon
Ramtastic 500 XP
50 wins in a row is quite a feat. Choose your battles wisely if you want to unlock this Ramtastic achievement.
lemon achievement icon
Lemon 500 XP
While losing 5 matches in a row might leave a bitter taste, it will at least earn you a sweet lemon.
the-punisher achievement icon
The Punisher 500 XP
Winning 50 rematches will unlock this achievement. A training montage really helps.
tortoise achievement icon
Tortoise 500 XP
While the tortoise may be a slow starter, it will get there in the end. Win a match after getting the first 4 questions wrong.
in-the-loop achievement icon
In the Loop 500 XP
With 100 matches under your belt, you'll really be \"In the Loop\".
hard-boiled achievement icon
Hard Boiled 500 XP
When the going gets tough, the tough get going. You'll have to play a 1,000 matches for this achievement.
unbreakable_10 achievement icon
Unbreakable 500 XP
10,000 matches played will unlock this achievement. Will you break before you reach the top?
tie-fighter achievement icon
Tie Fighter 500 XP
A tie occurs when two great minds meet. Get a tie to unlock the Tie Fighter.
zen-master achievement icon
Zen Master 500 XP
This achievement requires a cool hand and a level head. Get a perfect score to unlock the Zen Master.
space-jammer achievement icon
Space Jammer 500 XP
It's time to slam now. Here's your chance, do your dance. Reach level 15 in two topics, slam jamming in zero G.
flux-capacitor achievement icon
Reach level 15 in two topics. You'll need some plutonium, 1.21 gigawatts of electricity and a white lab coat. Where we're going, we don't need roads.
partysaurus-rex achievement icon
To unlock an achievement 65 million drinks in the making, reach level 15 in two fields where you might dig up a "Stagger-saurus".
ameri-can achievement icon
Ameri-CAN 500 XP
From coast to coast and from past into present. Reach level 15 in the topics that cover at least four dimensions of the US.
sphinx_3 achievement icon
Sphinx 500 XP
Submit your own questions for use in the game on www.quizup.com. If your questions are good enough to publish, the Sphinx will be unlocked.
the-governator achievement icon
Reach level 15 in two different topics. Want to know which ones? Here's a hint: a certain Austrian-American was pretty successful in both these categories.
library-cop achievement icon
Library Cop 500 XP
I've got a flash for you, joy boy, you'll need to reach level 15 in two different topics. Remember, put on a pair of shoes when you walk into the New York Public Library, fella.
book-worm achievement icon
Book Worm 500 XP
Become the Lord of the flies by worming your way to level 15 in the topics hinted at here. One could say that both these topics deal with certain microcosmos, one of which is found on the ground, the other in your shelves.
raging-bull achievement icon
Raging Bull 500 XP
Fly like a bat, sting like a platypus. Get to level 15 in two UDDERly different topics. Punch out the competition, it's a sweet science.
go-kart-mozart achievement icon
Ah, the beautiful symphony of engine revvs and tires screeching. Reach level 15 in two topics to unlock this fast paced, sweet sounding achievement.
whistle-blower achievement icon
Is the sound of big business like music to your ears? Reach level 15 in two topics that would place you right at the top of the music industry.
bohemian-queen achievement icon
Will you rock us by reaching level 15 in two topics that will have News of the World in Buckingham Palace? We won't stop you now.
dungeon-master achievement icon
Would Candyland look better in a Brutalist or a Neoclassical style? Reach level 15 in two topics and you'll know.
slam-poet achievement icon
Slam Poet 500 XP
It's TIME to get to work, measure out your chances with a coffee spoon and decide if you'll be able to submit this achievement. Reach level 15 in two topics so your achievement screen won't look like a Wasteland.
back-in-the-ussr achievement icon
Brace yourself for a D-Day landing. This is going to be a hard day's night. Reach level 15 in two topics that might place General Patton in a Yellow Submarine.
redshirt-wookiee achievement icon
If Han was in the Starfleet, would he have beamed up or shot first? Reach level 15 in two topics which might place the Millennium Falcon in the Fleet. No Gungans allowed though.
mathemagician achievement icon
Mathemagician 500 XP
Can you manipulate the numbers? Can you conjure up a calculating robot from the future? Reach level 15 in two topics that include literal magicians and mind boggling arithmetic.
couch-potato achievement icon
Couch Potato 500 XP
Did you know that Super Mario Bros was actually made into a TV show? Reach level 15 in two topics that would have you lounging on the couch for days.
big-kahuna-burger achievement icon
Prefer a Big Kahuna Burger to a Royale with cheese? Reach level 15 in two topics where you might find a Big Kahuna Burger prop up.
atlas_1 achievement icon
Atlas 500 XP
Do you know all the continents? Engage with players from all inhabited continents. We'll exclude Antarctica for this one.
phileas-fogg achievement icon
Phileas Fogg 500 XP
Test your might against players from around the globe. Engage with players from 25 different countries to unlock this achievement.
un-assembly achievement icon
UN Assembly 500 XP
Show your supremacy to the world. Engage with players from 100 different countries to unlock this achievement.
parseltongue_1 achievement icon
Parseltongue 500 XP
Does your way with Words place you more at home in Slytherin than Gryffindor? Reach level 15 in two topics that will have you talking to magical serpents.
wandering-explorer achievement icon
Going on a long haul? Play in four different countries to unlock the Wandering Explorer.
in-orbit achievement icon
In Orbit 500 XP
Embarking on a voyage to the end of the Earth? Play in ten different countries to unlock this orbital achievement.
sputnik-1 achievement icon
Sputnik 1 500 XP
An in-depth exploration will be required for this one. Reach level 5 in one topic from each category.
voyager-2 achievement icon
Voyager 2 500 XP
Get ready for a voyage of discovery. Reach level 5 in three topics from each category.
savant achievement icon
Savant 500 XP
Reach level 60 in a topic of your choice to unlock this achievement.
prodigy_1 achievement icon
Prodigy 500 XP
Reach level 60 in three topics of your choice to unlock this achievement.
avatar achievement icon
Avatar 500 XP
Reach level 60 in eight topics of your choice to unlock this achievement.
black-whole achievement icon
Black Whole 500 XP
Score zero points in a match. Zilch, zero, zippo, nil, nada, null. It might happen.
plain-vanillian achievement icon
Engage in a match with a Plain Vanilla staff member. There are dozens of us!
off-by-one achievement icon
Off by One 500 XP
While missing the perfect score by a point might leave a bitter taste, it's worth thinking about the fact that that's the only way to unlock this achievement.
david_1 achievement icon
David 500 XP
Sometimes we have to stand up to giants. Challenge and defeat a player over level 60 in a topic in which you are level 10 or under.
durable achievement icon
Durable 500 XP
You'll have to complete 250 plays to raise this durable milestone.
veteran_24 achievement icon
Veteran 500 XP
You'll need to see some action before you can unlock the Veteran. Play 500 matches to make the great!
novice_18 achievement icon
Novice 500 XP
Ready to leave the nest? Play two games to unlock this chic achievement.
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