Pocket Mortys Achievement List

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CategoryRole Playing
Total XP50000 points
RatingsNo Ratings

17 Achievements

defeat-50-trainers achievement icon
Defeat 50 trainers
defeat-100-trainers achievement icon
Defeat 100 trainers
defeat-200-trainers achievement icon
Defeat 200 trainers
earn-10-badges achievement icon
Earn 10 badges 1000 XP
Earn 10 badges
earn-20-badges achievement icon
Earn 20 badges 2500 XP
Earn 20 badges
earn-30-badges achievement icon
Earn 30 badges 5000 XP
Earn 30 badges
defeat-the-first-council-member achievement icon
Defeat the first Council Member
defeat-the-second-council-member achievement icon
Defeat the second Council Member
defeat-the-third-council-member achievement icon
Defeat the third Council Member
defeat-the-fourth-council-member achievement icon
Defeat the fourth Council Member
defeat-the-fifth-council-member achievement icon
Defeat the fifth Council Member
defeat-mysterious-rick achievement icon
Defeat Mysterious Rick
level-up-a-morty-to-level-10 achievement icon
Level up a Morty to level 10
level-up-a-morty-to-level-20 achievement icon
Level up a Morty to level 20
level-up-a-morty-to-level-30 achievement icon
Level up a Morty to level 30
capture-your-first-morty achievement icon
Capture your first Morty
combine-two-mortys achievement icon
Combine two Mortys
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