Pocket Mine Achievement List

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You can find the list of Google Play achievements for Pocket Mine below. This game is developed by Roofdog Games. Any guide information will be displayed beneath each achievement.

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Total XP38500 points
RatingsNo Ratings


adventurer_13 achievement icon
Adventurer 500 XP
Reach a depth of 50m
delver_1 achievement icon
Delver 1000 XP
Reach a depth of 100m
spelunker_2 achievement icon
Spelunker 1500 XP
Reach a depth of 200m
master-of-the-abyss_1 achievement icon
Reach a depth of 500m
salesman_1 achievement icon
Salesman 500 XP
Make 50 bucks in one game
businessman_1 achievement icon
Businessman 1000 XP
Make 100 bucks in one game
corporate-director achievement icon
Make 250 bucks in one game
ceo_2 achievement icon
CEO 2500 XP
Make 500 bucks in one game
sunday-digger achievement icon
Sunday Digger 500 XP
Reach level 10
experienced-digger achievement icon
Reach level 20
master-digger achievement icon
Master Digger 2500 XP
Reach level 50
lucky_38 achievement icon
Lucky! 1000 XP
Find a rare card
super-lucky achievement icon
Super Lucky! 1500 XP
Find a mythical card
maxed-out_8 achievement icon
Maxed out! 2500 XP
Boost a card to level 5
tinker_7 achievement icon
Tinker 500 XP
Fuse 2 cards together
among-friends achievement icon
Among Friends 500 XP
Connect to facebook
with-a-little-help-from-my-friends_1 achievement icon
Break a friend's social block
inconcievable achievement icon
Inconcievable! 2000 XP
Break an unbreakable block
chain-reaction_6 achievement icon
Chain Reaction 1500 XP
Use a special block to trigger 3 other special blocks
gold-digger_10 achievement icon
Gold Digger 1500 XP
Get 3 gold-related powerups in one shuffle
treasure-hunter_22 achievement icon
Treasure Hunter 1500 XP
Get 3 treasure-related powerups in one shuffle
demolition-man achievement icon
Demolition Man 1500 XP
Get 3 explosions related powerups in one shuffle
dream-run achievement icon
Dream Run 2000 XP
Shuffle 3 5-stars cards in one shuffle
let-s-do-this achievement icon
Let's Do this 2000 XP
Shuffle 3 mythical cards in one shuffle
is-this-real-life_1 achievement icon
Shuffle 3 mythical 5-stars cards in one shuffle
carpenter_1 achievement icon
Carpenter 1000 XP
Build a ladder 50m deep
not-so-fast_1 achievement icon
Not So Fast!! 1500 XP
Use the prompted pick repair at the end of a game.
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