Plants vs Zombies 2 Free Achievement List

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Total XP84500 points
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75 Achievements

off-the-green achievement icon
Off the Green 2500 XP
Complete the Tutorial
king-nut achievement icon
King Nut 2500 XP
Unleash the Egypt Gargantuar
yarr-matey achievement icon
Yarr, Matey 2500 XP
Unleash the Pirate Gargantuar
giddyup_1 achievement icon
Giddyup! 2500 XP
Unleash the Wild West Gargantuar
nut-un-common achievement icon
Nut Un-Common 1000 XP
Complete Ancient Egypt
pirate-booty achievement icon
Pirate Booty 1000 XP
Complete the Pirate Seas
yee-haw achievement icon
Yee-Haw! 1000 XP
Complete the Wild West
spudow achievement icon
Blow up a Zombie using a Potato Mine
sun-catcher achievement icon
Sun Catcher 500 XP
Get 5 suns from a single Ra Zombie
no-smoking achievement icon
No Smoking 1500 XP
Extinguish an Explorer Zombie's torch
20-below-zero achievement icon
20 Below Zero 500 XP
Freeze 20 Zombies with a single Iceberg Lettuce
a-noob-is achievement icon
A-noob-is 500 XP
Destroy a Tomb Raiser before it can raise any gravestones
pat-the-birdy achievement icon
Pat the Birdy 1000 XP
Put butter on a Seagull Zombie
dragon-age achievement icon
Dragon Age 1000 XP
Plant 10 Snapdragons in a single level
broadside achievement icon
Broadside 1000 XP
Use a Coconut Cannon to destroy an Imp Cannon
mutiny achievement icon
Mutiny 1000 XP
Destroy a Pirate Captain Zombie before its parrot can fly
shell-on-wheels achievement icon
Plant a Wall-nut on a mine cart
magical-fruit achievement icon
Magical Fruit 500 XP
Stun 10 Zombies with one Chili Bean
fried-chicken_1 achievement icon
Fried Chicken 1500 XP
Use the Lightning Reed on a chicken
high-five_5 achievement icon
High Five 1000 XP
Plant five Tall Nuts and use Plant Food on all of them
pod-squad achievement icon
Pod Squad 1500 XP
Max out a Pea Pod on a mine cart
sasquashed achievement icon
Sasquashed! 1500 XP
Destroy a Yeti
drop-the-boss achievement icon
Drop the Boss 500 XP
Complete Far Future
prime-mover achievement icon
Prime Mover 500 XP
Unleash the Far Future Gargantuar
grass-effect achievement icon
Grass Effect 500 XP
Fire off 500 sun through a Magnifying Grass
the-jettisons achievement icon
The Jettisons 500 XP
Use Blover to clear out 30 Jetpack Zombies on one level
re-re-spawn achievement icon
Re-Re-spawn 500 XP
Plant an Infi-nut that gets killed and regenerates two times
sun-damaged achievement icon
Sun Damaged 500 XP
Trigger a Sun Bomb to destroy a Cone Mech
tile-denial achievement icon
Tile Denial 500 XP
Complete a Future level without planting on Power Tiles
hammer-time achievement icon
Hammer Time 2000 XP
Unleash the Dark Ages Gargantuar
fungus-humongous achievement icon
Buff 20 Puff-shrooms with a single Plant Food
all-in-jest achievement icon
All in Jest 500 XP
Complete a level where Jesters return no projectiles
out-of-darkness achievement icon
Out of Darkness 2000 XP
Complete Dark Ages
not-baaad achievement icon
Not Baaad 1000 XP
Complete a level where Wizards fail to transform plants into sheep
your-hat-sir achievement icon
Destroy a zombie with only damage from Magnet-shroom
tomb-breaker achievement icon
Tomb Breaker 500 XP
Complete the Egyptian Challenge Pack
pottery-trained achievement icon
Pottery Trained 2000 XP
Beat wave 30 in Vasebreaker Endless
undertow achievement icon
Undertow 1000 XP
Defeat 10 zombies with Tangle Kelp in a single level
ten-pin-kapow achievement icon
Ten Pin Kapow 500 XP
Destroy 10 zombies with a single bulb from Bowling Bulb
big-kahunka achievement icon
Big Kahunka 2000 XP
Defeat the Deep Sea Gargantuars to collect their World Key
fly-fishing-fail achievement icon
Complete a level where Fishermen fail to hook your plants
banana-storm achievement icon
Banana Storm 500 XP
Complete a Beach level using only Bananas to destroy zombies
wave-goodbye achievement icon
Wave Goodbye 2000 XP
Complete Big Wave Beach
barrage-a-trois achievement icon
Barrage a Trois 2000 XP
Defeat the Sloth Gargantuars to collect their World Key
so-thawful achievement icon
So Thawful 1000 XP
Thaw 13 ice blocks in a single level
knock-em-dead achievement icon
Knock back 6 zombies with one hit from Chard Guard
run-weasley achievement icon
Run Weasley 1000 XP
On a level with Weasel Hoarders, don't let any weasels jump over sliders
meltdown achievement icon
Meltdown! 2000 XP
Complete Frostbite Caves
iceblockade achievement icon
Iceblockade 500 XP
On a level with Troglobites, don't let Troglobites push any ice blocks past the 6th column
davy-jones-vase achievement icon
Complete the Pirate Seas Challenge Pack
vase-wrangler achievement icon
Vase Wrangler 1000 XP
Complete the Wild West Challenge Pack
porter-thwarter achievement icon
Porter Thwarter 2000 XP
Unleash the Lost City Gargantuar
shovel-off achievement icon
Shovel Off 1000 XP
Complete a level where Excavator Zombie shovels no plants
unwelcome-mat achievement icon
Unwelcome Mat 500 XP
Have 10 Red Stingers in the two columns closest to your house
spawn-camping achievement icon
Spawn Camping 500 XP
Clear a level where 3 Imp Porters have established camps
lost-and-found_2 achievement icon
Lost and Found 2000 XP
Complete Lost City
ragweeds-to-riches achievement icon
Create 5 new Gold Tiles in a single level with the Gold Leaf
volume-to-sixteen achievement icon
Defeat the Heavy Metal Gargantuar
beet-it achievement icon
Beet It 500 XP
Complete a level using only Phat Beets to defeat zombies
head-banger achievement icon
Head Banger 1000 XP
Use a magnet-shroom on a Punk Zombie
breaking-it-off achievement icon
Defeat a Boombox Zombie before it’s able to express its feelings through the power of song
back-from-the-future-3 achievement icon
Plant Thyme Warp three times in the same level
drop-the-mic achievement icon
Drop The Mic 2000 XP
Complete Neon Mixtape Tour, Side B
dinos-sore achievement icon
Dinos Sore 500 XP
Prevent all dinosaurs in a level from interacting with any zombies
terror-redactyled achievement icon
Use a Perfume-shroom on a Pterodactyl carrying a zombie towards your house
martial-marsh-masher achievement icon
Unleash the Jurassic Marsh Gargantuar
bash-potato achievement icon
Bash Potato 1000 XP
Defeat 7 zombies with a single Primal Potato Mine
hungry-hungry-dinos achievement icon
Complete a level where T. Rexes chomp 10 zombies
meteor-right achievement icon
Meteor, Right? 2000 XP
Complete Jurassic Marsh
hot-off-the-presses achievement icon
Set a Newspaper Zombie's newspaper on fire
time-traveler achievement icon
Time Traveler 1000 XP
Complete a level where each of your plants comes from a different world
great-gargling-gargantuars achievement icon
Unleash the Modern Day Gargantuar
you-re-an-all-star achievement icon
Complete a level where All-Star Zombies are unable to tackle even a single plant
the-shadow-family achievement icon
Complete a level with 20 powered Shadow Plants
present-perfect-future-tense achievement icon
Complete Modern Day
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