Picture Quiz: Food Achievement List

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You can find the list of Google Play achievements for Picture Quiz: Food below. This game is developed by Timeglass Works. Any guide information will be displayed beneath each achievement.

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Total XP52500 points
RatingsNo Ratings


pig-in-the-poke achievement icon
Solve 10 puzzles
shopping-list achievement icon
Shopping list 1000 XP
Solve 50 puzzles
let-s-shop achievement icon
Let's shop! 2000 XP
Solve 200 puzzles
shopaholic_5 achievement icon
Shopaholic 10000 XP
Solve all puzzles
garage-sale achievement icon
Garage sale 1000 XP
Complete a level
shop-assistant achievement icon
Shop assistant 2000 XP
Complete 5 levels
promotion-hunter achievement icon
Complete a level without using hints
good-deal achievement icon
Good deal 2500 XP
Complete a level with only flawless guesses
personal-shopper achievement icon
Flawlessly guess 10 puzzles in a row
shopping-queen achievement icon
Shopping queen 5000 XP
Flawlessly guess 50 puzzles in a row
special-offer achievement icon
Special offer 2500 XP
Guess 10 puzzles in a row without using hints
what-a-bargain achievement icon
What a bargain! 5000 XP
Guess 50 puzzles in a row without using hints
shopping-therapy achievement icon
Play 5 days in a row
outlet-mall achievement icon
Outlet mall 2000 XP
Show solution 20 times
customer-care achievement icon
Customer care 2000 XP
Use hints 100 times
rip-off achievement icon
Rip off 2000 XP
Make 100 mistakes
sale-sale-sale achievement icon
Collect at least 1000 hints at one time
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