PewDiePie's Tuber Simulator Achievement List

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You can find the list of Google Play achievements for PewDiePie's Tuber Simulator below. This game is developed by Outerminds Inc.. Any guide information will be displayed beneath each achievement.

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Total XP43500 points
RatingsNo Ratings


tenth achievement icon
TENTH!!! 500 XP
Publish 10 videos.
time-to-make-some-playlists achievement icon
Publish 25 videos.
how-many-cat-videos-is-too-many achievement icon
Publish 100 videos.
quantity-not-quality achievement icon
Publish 250 videos.
people-pleaser achievement icon
Vote for 25 rooms.
social-network-it-girl achievement icon
Vote for 500 rooms.
i-follow-trends-not-make-them achievement icon
Buy 10 trendy items.
all-the-female-dogs-love-me achievement icon
Buy 25 trendy items.
a-la-mode achievement icon
À La Mode 1500 XP
Buy 100 trendy items.
masta-trendsetta achievement icon
Buy 250 trendy items.
catch-that-bird-i-want-to-eat-it achievement icon
Catch Sponsor Eagle 10 times.
soaring-majestically-or-just-floating-down achievement icon
Catch Sponsor Eagle 25 times.
this-video-was-brought-to-you-by-croot-late achievement icon
Catch Sponsor Eagle 100 times.
the-ame-swedish-dream achievement icon
Catch Sponsor Eagle 250 times.
not-bad-but-git-gud achievement icon
Get over 1,000 subs.
mildly-not-wildly-popular achievement icon
Get over 10,000 subs.
100k-that-s-a-lot-of-k-s achievement icon
Get over 100,000 subs.
you-can-now-quit-your-day-job achievement icon
Get over 1,000,000 subs.
welcome-to-the-big-kids-table achievement icon
Get over 10,000,000 subs.
you-should-retire-now achievement icon
Get over 100,000,000 subs.
subillionaire achievement icon
Subillionaire 2000 XP
Get over 1,000,000,000 subs.
galactic-superstar-that-is-what-you-are achievement icon
Get over 10,000,000,000 subs.
cover-all-bases-n00b achievement icon
Reach level 5 in all 10 trending categories.
jacked-of-all-trades achievement icon
Reach level 10 in all 10 trending categories.
know-your-audience-i-guess achievement icon
Reach level 15 in all 10 trending categories.
you-think-you-know-everything-well-do-ya achievement icon
Reach level 20 in all 10 trending categories.
ridin-with-the-jet-set achievement icon
Reach level 25 in all 10 trending categories.
there-is-no-free-time-in-a-tuber-s-life achievement icon
Reach level 30 in all 10 trending categories.
you-re-so-pugnacious achievement icon
Play 10 Puggle games.
dizzy-puppies achievement icon
Dizzy Puppies 1000 XP
Play 25 Puggle games.
just-one-more-mom achievement icon
Play 100 Puggle games.
just-repugnant achievement icon
Just Repugnant 2000 XP
Play 250 Puggle games.
stalker-much achievement icon
Stalker Much? 500 XP
Follow 10 rooms.
you-like-to-watch-don-t-you achievement icon
Follow 50 rooms.
questing-ain-t-nuthin achievement icon
Complete 25 quests.
you-ll-never-have-that-time-back-you-know achievement icon
Complete 100 quests.
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