Payback 2 - The Battle Sandbox Achievement List

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You can find the list of Google Play achievements for Payback 2 - The Battle Sandbox below. This game is developed by Apex Designs Entertainment Ltd. Any guide information will be displayed beneath each achievement.

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Total XP100000 points
RatingsNo Ratings


unto-the-breach achievement icon
Unto The Breach 1000 XP
Complete an event
three-star-general achievement icon
Get three stars in a campaign event
crook_1 achievement icon
Crook 5000 XP
Get three stars in every event in the first episode
thief_1 achievement icon
Thief 5000 XP
Get three stars in every event in the second episode
hit-man achievement icon
Hit Man 5000 XP
Get three stars in every event in the third episode
goodfella achievement icon
Goodfella 5000 XP
Get three stars in every event in the fourth episode
yakuza achievement icon
Yakuza 5000 XP
Get three stars in every event in the fifth episode
godfather achievement icon
Godfather 5000 XP
Get three stars in every event in the sixth episode
golden-globe achievement icon
Golden Globe 10000 XP
Get three stars in every event
n00b achievement icon
N00b 1000 XP
Finish an online match
veteran_17 achievement icon
Veteran 2000 XP
Finish ten online matches
l33t achievement icon
L33t 3000 XP
Win ten online matches
brawler_10 achievement icon
Brawler 1500 XP
Win five brawl matches
gangster achievement icon
Gangster 1500 XP
Win five gang warfare matches
robber achievement icon
Robber 1500 XP
Win five capture the swag matches
king_29 achievement icon
King 1500 XP
Win five kingpin matches
conqueror_13 achievement icon
Conqueror 1500 XP
Win five conquest matches
off-to-the-races achievement icon
Win five races
sprinter_4 achievement icon
Sprinter 1500 XP
Win five sprints
made-the-cut achievement icon
Made The Cut 1500 XP
Win five knockout
raking-it-in achievement icon
Raking It In 1500 XP
Win five rampage events
zero-tolerance achievement icon
Zero Tolerance 3000 XP
Get the cops to call in the military
snowman-slayer achievement icon
Snowman Slayer 1500 XP
Destroyed a snowman
life-s-not-fair achievement icon
Life's Not Fair 1500 XP
Get the irony bonus
above-the-law achievement icon
Above The Law 2000 XP
Get the cop killer bonus
up-close-personal achievement icon
Get 100 kills with the knife
pecked-to-death achievement icon
Pecked To Death 2500 XP
Get 100 kills with the pistol
both-barrels achievement icon
Both Barrels 2500 XP
Get 100 kills with the shotgun
shrapnel-wounds achievement icon
Shrapnel Wounds 2500 XP
Get 200 grenade kills
spitting-lead achievement icon
Spitting Lead 2500 XP
Get 300 kills with the minigun
pyro_3 achievement icon
Pyro 2500 XP
Get 200 kills with the flamethrower
rocket-man achievement icon
Rocket Man 2500 XP
Get 400 rocket kills
light-em-up_3 achievement icon
Light 'Em Up! 2500 XP
Get 100 kills with the laser
turret-master achievement icon
Turret Master 2500 XP
Get 1,000 kills with the autoturret
boom_5 achievement icon
Boom! 2500 XP
Get 100 kills with the remote bomb
public-enemy-1 achievement icon
Public Enemy #1 5000 XP
Get 10,000 kills in total
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