Paddle Match Achievement List

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Total XP76500 points
RatingsNo Ratings

11 Achievements

score-20-points achievement icon
Score 20 points 2000 XP
Score 20 points
score-50-points achievement icon
Score 50 points 4000 XP
Score 50 points
unlock-square-skin achievement icon
Unlock the square skin
unlock-triangle-skin achievement icon
Unlock the triangle skin
unlock-star-skin achievement icon
Unlock star skin 10000 XP
Unlock the star skin
share-to-facebook achievement icon
Share the game to Facebook
unlock-hexagon-skin achievement icon
Unlock the hexagon skin
unlock-snowflake-skin achievement icon
Unlock the snowflake skin
share-to-twitter achievement icon
Share the game to Twitter
score-100-points achievement icon
Score 100 points 10000 XP
Score 100 points
unlock-heart-skin achievement icon
Unlock the heart skin
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