PAC-MAN Achievement List

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You can find the list of Google Play achievements for PAC-MAN below. This game is developed by BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment America Inc.. Any guide information will be displayed beneath each achievement.

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Total XP45500 points
RatingsNo Ratings


ready_2 achievement icon
Complete Stage 1
super-pac-man achievement icon
Super PAC-MAN! 1000 XP
Reach Stage 3
blinky-gets-ripped achievement icon
Reach Stage 6
blinky-gets-busted achievement icon
Reach Stage 10
no-more-blues achievement icon
No More Blues 3000 XP
Reach Stage 20
be-like-billy achievement icon
Be Like Billy! 10000 XP
Reach Stage 256
50k-streak achievement icon
50k Streak 1000 XP
Score 50,000 Points or More
100k-run achievement icon
100k Run 1500 XP
Score 100,000 Points or More
150k-marathon achievement icon
150k Marathon 2000 XP
Score 150,000 Points or More
cherry-chomper achievement icon
Eat 1 pair of Cherries
strawberry-jammer achievement icon
Eat 1 Strawberry
orange-juicer achievement icon
Orange Juicer 500 XP
Eat 1 Orange
fuji-fan achievement icon
Fuji Fan 500 XP
Eat 1 Apple
melon-masher achievement icon
Melon Masher 1000 XP
Eat 1 Melon
galaxian-grabber achievement icon
Eat 1 Galaxian
sounds-delicious achievement icon
Eat 1 Bell
key-in achievement icon
Key In 2000 XP
Eat 1 Key
fruit-parfait achievement icon
Fruit Parfait 1000 XP
Eat 2 Fruits in one Stage
fruit-fiend achievement icon
Fruit Fiend 2000 XP
Eat a Total of 100 Fruits
tutti-frutti achievement icon
Tutti Frutti 2000 XP
Eat 1 of Each of the 8 Fruits in One Game
ghost-with-the-most achievement icon
Get 1600 Points for Chomping a Ghost
ghost-greedy achievement icon
Ghost Greedy 2000 XP
Chomp 16 Ghosts in one Stage
ghost-gourmand achievement icon
Ghost Gourmand 1000 XP
Chomp 50 Ghosts Total
ghost-glutton achievement icon
Ghost Glutton 2000 XP
Chomp 100 Ghosts Total
ghost-gorger achievement icon
Ghost Gorger 3000 XP
Chomp 272 Ghosts Total
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