Nyan Cat: Lost In Space Achievement List

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You can find the list of Google Play achievements for Nyan Cat: Lost In Space below. This game is developed by isTom Games. Any guide information will be displayed beneath each achievement.

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Total XP33000 points
RatingsNo Ratings


marathonyan achievement icon
Marathonyan 5000 XP
Run 42195 meters
bomb-killer achievement icon
Bomb Killer 1000 XP
Deactivate 100 bombs
veteran-bomb-killer achievement icon
Deactivate 2000 bombs
warrior achievement icon
Warrior 1000 XP
Elminiate 20 enemies with Nyan Love
veteran-warrior achievement icon
Veteran Warrior 2000 XP
Elminiate 250 enemies with Nyan Love
finished-word achievement icon
Finished Word 500 XP
Complete a word in the Word Game
cow-collector achievement icon
Cow Collector 1000 XP
Collect 100 Cow items
gold-platform-addict achievement icon
Jump on Gold Platforms 1000 times
ufo-escaper achievement icon
UFO Escaper 500 XP
Survive a UFO abduction
ufo-visitor achievement icon
UFO Visitor 5000 XP
Survive a UFO abduction 100 times
meeting-tac-nayn achievement icon
Touch Tac Nayn 9 times
city-boy achievement icon
City Boy 1000 XP
Play 10 times on Nyan Cat City theme
always-cracked achievement icon
Always Cracked 1000 XP
Collect 5 pills in a game
bonus-nyan achievement icon
Bonus Nyan 1000 XP
Reach x250 score multiplier in a game
dog-dodger achievement icon
Dog Dodger 1000 XP
Jump five times over a doggy in a game
high-roller_4 achievement icon
High Roller 1000 XP
Stay on the highest platforms at least for 30 seconds
low-roller achievement icon
Low Roller 1000 XP
Stay on the lowest platforms at least for 30 seconds
anorexinyan achievement icon
Anorexinyan 1000 XP
Run 25 seconds without collecting any food
tourist achievement icon
Tourist 2000 XP
Play in a world other than Space
multi-face achievement icon
Multi Face 2000 XP
Play with a skin other than NYAN CAT
safe-nyan achievement icon
Safe Nyan 2000 XP
Run 1000 meters without touching any kind of enemies
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