NBA LIVE Mobile Basketball Achievement List

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Total XP89000 points
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10 Achievements

no-time-for-losing achievement icon
Win 25 Head to Head Games
i-am-the-champion achievement icon
Win 50 Head to Head Games
event-planner achievement icon
Event Planner 15000 XP
Win 135 different Live Events
tutorial-complete_2 achievement icon
Finish all tutorial drills
rookie-season achievement icon
Rookie Season 2500 XP
Win 15 Season Games
make-a-name-for-yourself achievement icon
Win 30 Season Games
we-win achievement icon
We Win! 7500 XP
Win 5 League Tournament Games
future-dynasty achievement icon
Future Dynasty 15000 XP
Win 25 League Tournament Games
set-up-for-success achievement icon
Complete 15 Sets
set-for-life achievement icon
Set For Life 7500 XP
Complete 60 Sets
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