MMX Hill Dash Achievement List

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Hutch Games
Total XP100000 points
RatingsNo Ratings

7 Achievements

hill-climber achievement icon
Hill Climber 10000 XP
Complete any track
we-re-in-the-army-now achievement icon
Unlock the tank and APC
five-hill-challenge achievement icon
Complete any 5 tracks
got-gas achievement icon
Got Gas 20000 XP
Collect a fuel canister after you’ve run out to continue a run
winning_8 achievement icon
Winning 20000 XP
Complete 10 tracks
ghost-hunter_3 achievement icon
Ghost Hunter 5000 XP
Beat 10 Hutch ghosts
ghost-buster_1 achievement icon
Ghost Buster 5000 XP
Beat 20 Hutch ghosts
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Time Required To Get 100% Achievements