Mirrors of Albion Achievement List

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Total XP34000 points
RatingsNo Ratings


old-timer_2 achievement icon
Old-timer 1000 XP
Got 50 level
steward achievement icon
Steward 1000 XP
10 locations opened
champion_18 achievement icon
Champion 1000 XP
150 quests completed
detective_5 achievement icon
Detective 1000 XP
100 rooms explored
absent-minded_3 achievement icon
Absent-minded 1000 XP
5 room explorations failed
word-master achievement icon
Word Master 1000 XP
50 rooms in "Word" mode explored
shadow-boxing achievement icon
Shadow Boxing 1000 XP
50 rooms in "Silhouette" mode explored
night-creature achievement icon
Night Creature 1000 XP
50 rooms in "Night" mode explored
mirror-detective achievement icon
30 rooms in "Mirror reflection" mode explored
the-most-attentive-one achievement icon
30 rooms in "Comparison" mode explored
fog-fighter achievement icon
Fog Fighter 1500 XP
Explore locations under "Mysterious Fog" phenomenon 20 times
stormy-weather achievement icon
Stormy Weather 1500 XP
Explore locations under "Storm Cloud" phenomenon 20 times
fearless_3 achievement icon
Fearless 1500 XP
Explore locations under "Ghost" phenomenon 20 times
rabbit-hole_1 achievement icon
Rabbit Hole 1500 XP
Explore locations under "Into the Mirror" phenomenon 20 times
spendthrift_5 achievement icon
Spendthrift 1500 XP
Made 50 purchses in the store
vigorous achievement icon
Vigorous 1000 XP
Energy replenished 50 times
treasure-hunter_15 achievement icon
Treasure Hunter 1000 XP
100 Chests opened
magician_1 achievement icon
Magician 1000 XP
100 Amulets used
crime-fighter achievement icon
Crime Fighter 1000 XP
100 Bandits cathed
teacher_1 achievement icon
Teacher 1000 XP
200 Hints used
collector_14 achievement icon
Collector 1000 XP
100 Collection gathered
charged_3 achievement icon
Charged 1000 XP
Got 500 units of Energy maximum
tough-one achievement icon
Tough one 1000 XP
5000 Energy units spent
checkmate achievement icon
Checkmate 1500 XP
50 Cards banished
tasty-pudding achievement icon
Tasty Pudding 1000 XP
50 Puddings banished
gone-with-the-wind achievement icon
"Mysterious Fog" phenomenon banished 50 times
sunny-day achievement icon
Sunny day 1000 XP
"Storm Cloud" phenomenon banished 50 times
party-man achievement icon
Party man 1000 XP
"Ghost" phenomenon banished 50 times
sorcerer achievement icon
Sorcerer 1000 XP
"Into the Mirror" phenomenon banished 50 times
photographer achievement icon
Photographer 1000 XP
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