Minion Rush Achievement List

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You can find the list of Google Play achievements for Minion Rush below. This game is developed by Gameloft. Any guide information will be displayed beneath each achievement.

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Total XP98500 points
RatingsNo Ratings


rocket-lover achievement icon
Rocket Lover 500 XP
Crash into a tall rocket 15 times while in Gru's Lab!
forge-ahead achievement icon
Forge Ahead 1000 XP
Run 2,000 m in the same run!
bah-na-naaaaas achievement icon
Bah-na-naaaaas! 1000 XP
Collect 750 Bananas in the same run!
despicable-you achievement icon
Perform 20 Despicable Actions in the same run!
vanquish-vector achievement icon
Vanquish Vector 1000 XP
Defeat Vector for the first time!
cookie-crumbler achievement icon
Cookie Crumbler 1000 XP
Defeat Meena for the first time!
cold-as-ice_1 achievement icon
Cold as Ice 1500 XP
Smash through 100 obstacles using the Freeze Ray!
miss-the-bus achievement icon
Miss the Bus 500 XP
Get run over by a bus 15 times while in Residential Area!
challenger_5 achievement icon
Challenger! 1000 XP
Send 50 challenges!
can-t-touch-this achievement icon
Win 25 challenges!
rocketeer_1 achievement icon
Rocketeer! 1000 XP
Use Gru's Rocket 50 times!
it-s-so-fluffy achievement icon
It's So Fluffy! 1000 XP
Ride Fluffy Unicorn 50 times!
mega-minion achievement icon
Mega Minion 1000 XP
Become Mega Minion 50 times!
unstoppable_6 achievement icon
Unstoppable 2500 XP
Get a total Despicable Score of 5,000,000!
marathon-minion achievement icon
Marathon Minion 2500 XP
Run 1,000,000 meters!
tiki-totems achievement icon
Tiki Totems! 500 XP
Crash into a Tiki Totem 15 times while in El Macho's Lair!
power-hungry achievement icon
Power Hungry 5000 XP
Upgrade all Power-Ups to Max!
minion-smash achievement icon
Minion Smash! 1500 XP
Smash through 1,000 obstacles using the Freeze Ray!
head-start_1 achievement icon
Head Start 500 XP
Use the Launcher 10 times!
try-again achievement icon
Try Again 1000 XP
Revive yourself 10 times!
mucho-macho achievement icon
Mucho Macho 1000 XP
Defeat El Macho for the first time!
the-evil-eye achievement icon
The Evil Eye 2500 XP
Knock out 1,000 Evil Minions!
anti-barrel achievement icon
Anti-Barrel 500 XP
Stumble against an AVL barrel 15 times while in Anti-Villain League!
beach-bummin achievement icon
Beach Bummin 1000 XP
Run 100,000 meters along the beach!
keep-cool achievement icon
Keep Cool 500 XP
Dive into 10 Coolers!
mopping-minion achievement icon
Mopping Minion 1000 XP
Glide across a wet floor 10 times in the Mall!
shopping-spree achievement icon
Shopping Spree 1500 XP
Run 150,000 meters straight in the Mall!
educated achievement icon
Educated 500 XP
Knock down a Newspaper Stand 15 times while in The Mall!
seasoned-sprinter achievement icon
Start 250 runs!
it-s-raining-bananas achievement icon
Collect 1,000,000 Bananas!
downtown-minion achievement icon
Downtown Minion 5000 XP
Run 150,000 meters while in Downtown!
hitchiker achievement icon
Hitchiker 500 XP
Get run over by a car 20 times while inDowntown!
starhunter achievement icon
Starhunter! 2500 XP
Collect 2,500 stars on the Moon.
expert-minion achievement icon
Expert Minion 5000 XP
Collect all Power-ups during a run.
unwanted-visitor achievement icon
Run 100,000 meters through the Anti-Villain League!
a-day-at-the-park achievement icon
Run 100,000 meters across Super Silly Fun Land.
ads-fan achievement icon
Ads Fan 500 XP
Stumble against a billboard 15 times while in Super Silly Fun Land!
spread-the-mayhem achievement icon
Use the Evil Minion in all locations!
puppet-s-bane achievement icon
Puppet's Bane 1000 XP
Defeat the Villaintriloquist for the first time!
stone-collector achievement icon
Stumble against a pile of stones 15 times while in the Volcano Island!
power-seeker achievement icon
Power-Seeker 1000 XP
Unlock all Power-ups!
feeling-lucky achievement icon
Feeling Lucky 500 XP
Make the Fortune Wheel spin 25 times!
fruits-enthusiast achievement icon
Collect all fruits in any area of the Jelly Lab!
excursionist achievement icon
Excursionist 500 XP
Unlock 5 areas of the Jelly Lab
explorer_1 achievement icon
Explorer 1000 XP
Unlock 10 areas of the Jelly Lab
scout achievement icon
Scout 1000 XP
Unlock 15 areas of the Jelly Lab
traveler achievement icon
Traveler 1000 XP
Unlock 20 areas of the Jelly Lab
adventurer_2 achievement icon
Adventurer 1500 XP
Unlock 25 areas of the Jelly Lab
i-m-watching-you achievement icon
Ram into an eye drone 15 times while in Vector's Fortress!
occupied achievement icon
Occupied 500 XP
Bump into a toilet cabin 15 times while in The Arctic Base
minion-slingshot achievement icon
Run into a ribbon 15 times while in Minion Park
pointy-plants achievement icon
Pointy Plants 500 XP
Hug a cactus 15 times while in Eduardo's House
that-s-a-big-house achievement icon
Run 100,000 meters in Eduardo's House
large-pockets achievement icon
Large Pockets 1000 XP
Collect 8 items in 1 run during a Special Mission
pro-rider achievement icon
Pro Rider 1000 XP
Collect 7 items in 1 Snowboard, Skateboard or BMX ride
special-mission-recruit achievement icon
Collect a total of 400 items in Special Missions
special-mission-agent achievement icon
Collect a total of 1,000 items in Special Missions
special-mission-specialist achievement icon
Collect a total of 1,800 items in Special Missions
deployment-costs achievement icon
Spend 100 units of energy to access Special Missions
slopestyle achievement icon
Slopestyle 1000 XP
Ride the Snowboard 30 times
radical achievement icon
Radical! 1000 XP
Ride the Skateboard 30 times
biking-minion-xtreme achievement icon
Ride the BMX 30 times
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