Meganoid2 Achievement List

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Total XP46000 points
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13 Achievements

toota-temple achievement icon
Toota temple 500 XP
Complete Toota temple
secret-passage achievement icon
Secret passage 1000 XP
Complete Secret passage
lost-city achievement icon
Lost city 1500 XP
Complete Lost City
inca-temple achievement icon
Inca temple 2000 XP
Complete Inca Temple
dangerous achievement icon
Dangerous 2500 XP
Complete Dangerous
himalaya achievement icon
Himalaya 3000 XP
Complete Himalaya
water-passage achievement icon
Water passage 3500 XP
Complete Water passage
mount-pinatubo achievement icon
Mount Pinatubo 4000 XP
Complete Mount Pinatubo
castle-crystal achievement icon
Castle Crystal 4500 XP
Complete Castle Crystal
end-of-the-road achievement icon
End of the road 5000 XP
Complete End of the road
true-treasure-hunter achievement icon
Collect all 100 treasures
fast-runner achievement icon
Fast runner 5500 XP
Collect all "time" awards
real-adventurer achievement icon
Real Adventurer 7500 XP
100% Complete the game
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