Math: Mental Math Games Achievement List

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Standy Software
Total XP22500 points
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8 Achievements

beginner-in-quality achievement icon
Pass 2 exams on Professor's degree
beginner-in-speed achievement icon
Win 2 big golden cups
specialist-in-quality achievement icon
Pass 5 exams on Professor's degree
specialist-in-speed achievement icon
Win 5 big golden cups
expert-in-quality achievement icon
Pass 10 exams on Professor's degree
expert-in-speed achievement icon
Expert in Speed 4000 XP
Win 10 big golden cups
guru-in-quality achievement icon
Guru in Quality 4000 XP
Pass 20 exams on Professor's degree
guru-in-speed achievement icon
Guru in Speed 8000 XP
Win 20 big golden cups
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