Make More! – Idle Manager Achievement List

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You can find the list of Google Play achievements for Make More! – Idle Manager below. This game is developed by Bad Crane. Any guide information will be displayed beneath each achievement.

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Total XP63000 points
RatingsNo Ratings


full-factory achievement icon
Full Factory 1000 XP
Nine workers in one factory!
five-full-factories achievement icon
Let's make money!
my-first-robot achievement icon
My First Robot 1000 XP
Show boot for the first time
robotized achievement icon
Robotized 5000 XP
45 robots
first-trophy achievement icon
First Trophy 1000 XP
First round complete!
3-trophies achievement icon
3 Trophies 2000 XP
Third round complete!
5-trophies achievement icon
5 Trophies 3000 XP
Fifth round complete!
10-trophies achievement icon
10 Trophies 4000 XP
Tenth round complete!
15-trophies achievement icon
15 Trophies 5000 XP
15th round complete!
20-trophies achievement icon
20 Trophies 10000 XP
20th round complete!
5-flying-items achievement icon
Catch 5 flying items.
10-flying-items achievement icon
10 Flying Items 1000 XP
Catch 10 flying items
100-flying-items achievement icon
Catch 100 flying items
1000-flying-items achievement icon
Catch 1000 flying items
1-medal-awarded achievement icon
Award a medal to your worker
10-medals-awarded achievement icon
Award 10 medals to your workers
50-medals-awarded achievement icon
Award 50 medals to your workers
100-medals-awarded achievement icon
Award 100 medals to your workers
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