Lost in Harmony Achievement List

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You can find the list of Google Play achievements for Lost in Harmony below. This game is developed by Digixart Entertainment. Any guide information will be displayed beneath each achievement.

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Total XP77000 points
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i-have-a-dream achievement icon
Complete the first Dream [Kaito's adventure]
first-chapter-kaito achievement icon
Complete Dream 4 [Kaito's adventure]
second-chapter-kaito achievement icon
Complete Dream 7 [Kaito's adventure]
third-chapter-kaito achievement icon
Complete Dream 11 [Kaito's adventure]
the-end_4 achievement icon
The End 1000 XP
Complete the last Dream [Kaito's adventure]
cause-this-is-thriller achievement icon
Complete a level in hard mode for the first time [story mode]
perfect-dream achievement icon
Perfect Dream 2000 XP
Complete a level with rank S for the first time [story mode]
trinity achievement icon
Trinity 1000 XP
Collect all 3 Orbs of one level [story mode]
sweet-dreams-are-made-of-this achievement icon
Collect all 6 Orbs of each Dream [Kaito's adventure]
bling-bling achievement icon
Bling Bling 500 XP
Trigger the 20 stars combo mode
99-problems achievement icon
99 Problems 500 XP
Get a hit combo of 100 for the first time
pinch-of-stars achievement icon
Pinch of Stars! 1000 XP
Tap a few stars
river-of-stars achievement icon
River of Stars! 1500 XP
Tap a lot of stars
sky-of-stars achievement icon
Sky of Stars! 2000 XP
Tap tons of stars
galaxy-of-stars achievement icon
Tap tons of perfect stars
i-miss-you achievement icon
I miss you 1000 XP
Complete a level without missing one star [story mode]
sweetest-perfection achievement icon
Complete a level with performing only perfect stars [story mode]
the-creator achievement icon
The Creator 1500 XP
Create and share a level for the first time
got-a-fan achievement icon
Got a Fan! 1000 XP
Get your first follower
famous_5 achievement icon
Famous 2000 XP
Get 10 followers
idol_1 achievement icon
Idol 2000 XP
Get 50 followers
superstar_13 achievement icon
Superstar! 5000 XP
Get 500 followers
mr-sandman achievement icon
Mr. Sandman 1000 XP
Collect more than 80% of Stardust on a level [story mode]
discovery achievement icon
Discovery 1000 XP
Download and play a shared community's level
woooops achievement icon
Woooops.... 500 XP
Jump over an Orb
skyfall achievement icon
Skyfall 500 XP
Fall from the road
i-have-a-memory achievement icon
Complete the Dream 0 [Kaito's adventure]
memory-completed achievement icon
Collect all 6 orbs of Dream 0 [Kaito's adventure]
word-of-mouth achievement icon
Word of Mouth 500 XP
Share a level on the social networks
unleash-the-beast-within-you-roar achievement icon
Finish a community's level with the Bear
the-lost-in-harmony-times achievement icon
Read a news for the first time
search-you-will-do-the-playtrack-you-will-find achievement icon
Search a community's level...
under-the-sea_1 achievement icon
Under the Sea 1000 XP
Want to swim? [Kaito's adventure]
u-can-t-touch-this achievement icon
Complete Dream 3 without getting hit by the bear [Kaito's adventure]
tnt_1 achievement icon
TNT 2000 XP
Complete Dream 4 without getting hit by a landmine [Kaito's adventure]
i-feel-the-earth-move achievement icon
Complete Dream 6 without getting hit by a boulder [Kaito's adventure]
the-sound-of-silence achievement icon
Complete Dream 7 without getting hit by any notification [Kaito's adventure]
song-of-storms achievement icon
Song of Storms 2000 XP
Complete Dream 8 without getting hit by a bolt [Kaito's adventure]
through-the-fire-and-flames achievement icon
Complete Dream 9 without falling into lava [Kaito's adventure]
nightcall achievement icon
Nightcall 2000 XP
Complete Dream 10 after having avoided all sportscars [Kaito's adventure]
smells-like-happiness achievement icon
Complete Dream 11 without getting hit by a dirty obstacle [Kaito's adventure]
no-time-for-caution achievement icon
Complete Dream 12 without falling from the road [Kaito's adventure]
so-far-away achievement icon
So Far Away 2000 XP
Complete last Dream after avoiding all wisps [Kaito's adventure]
high-voltage achievement icon
High Voltage 1000 XP
Complete all levels in normal mode [M.I.R.A.I.'s adventure]
i-m-a-terminator achievement icon
Complete all levels in hard mode [M.I.R.A.I.'s adventure]
i-walk-the-line achievement icon
Complete level 4 after having avoided all trolleys [M.I.R.A.I.'s adventure]
four-to-the-floor achievement icon
Complete level 5 by collecting more than 70% of stardust [M.I.R.A.I.'s adventure]
don-t-fall-out-boy achievement icon
Complete level 6 without falling into the void [M.I.R.A.I.'s adventure]
i-can-see-gull achievement icon
Complete level 7 without getting hit by any seagull [M.I.R.A.I.'s adventure]
zero-nation-army achievement icon
Complete level 8 without getting hit by any missile [M.I.R.A.I.'s adventure]
music-sounds-better-with-you achievement icon
Complete level 9 by tapping more than 60 perfect stars [M.I.R.A.I.'s adventure]
van-halen achievement icon
Van Halen 500 XP
Complete level 10 without getting hit by any fireball [M.I.R.A.I.'s adventure]
starsailor achievement icon
Starsailor 500 XP
Complete level 11 by collecting more than 90% of stardust [M.I.R.A.I.'s adventure]
free-fall achievement icon
Free Fall 500 XP
Complete level 12 without falling into the void [M.I.R.A.I.'s adventure]
free-hugs achievement icon
Free Hugs 500 XP
Beware of Dr Mute...
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