Line Bound Achievement List

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gr8bit Studios
Total XP56000 points
RatingsNo Ratings

12 Achievements

high-five_7 achievement icon
High Five 500 XP
Play 5 games!
quarter-century achievement icon
Quarter Century 2500 XP
Play 25 Games!
addict_1 achievement icon
Addict 10000 XP
Play 100 games!
apprentice_17 achievement icon
Apprentice 500 XP
Get a score of 10 or more!
crisp-20 achievement icon
Crisp 20 500 XP
Get a score of 20!
meaning-of-life achievement icon
Meaning Of Life 10000 XP
Get a score of 42!
quads achievement icon
Quads 4000 XP
Get a score of 40 or more!
at-least-you-tried achievement icon
Get a score of 0!
hard-hitter_1 achievement icon
Hard Hitter 5000 XP
Get hit 50 times
pro_123 achievement icon
Pro 10000 XP
Get a score of 100 or higher
hacker achievement icon
Hacker 1000 XP
Get a score of 1000 or above
beginner-s-luck_4 achievement icon
Beginner's Luck 10000 XP
Get a score of 20 or higher within the first 5 games
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