Level XP Booster V Achievement List

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Total XP100000 points
RatingsNo Ratings

14 Achievements

try-it achievement icon
TRY IT! 2000 XP
just to try Click 50 times)
first_65 achievement icon
First! 1000 XP
Click 105 times
2nd-achivement achievement icon
2nd achivement! 2000 XP
Click 205 times
3rd-achivement achievement icon
3rd achivement! 3000 XP
Click 305 times
4th-achivement achievement icon
4th achivement! 4000 XP
Click 405 times
5th-achivement achievement icon
5th achivement! 5000 XP
Click 505 times
6th-achivement achievement icon
6th achivement! 6000 XP
Click 605 times
7th-achivement achievement icon
7th achivement! 7000 XP
Click 705 times
8th-achivement achievement icon
8th achivement! 8000 XP
Click 805 times
9th-achivement achievement icon
9th achivement! 9000 XP
Click 905 times
10th-achivement achievement icon
10th achivement! 10000 XP
Click 1005 times
11th-achivement achievement icon
11th achivement! 11000 XP
Click 1105 times
12th-achivement achievement icon
12th achivement! 12000 XP
Click 1205 times
finally achievement icon
Finally! 20000 XP
1505 Its over?
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