Level Up Button 3 Achievement List

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DroidGames Studio
Total XP100000 points
RatingsNo Ratings

11 Achievements

first-achievement achievement icon
Yes, the first!
marsh_1 achievement icon
Marsh! 5000 XP
Gravity Marsh Art
the-pro achievement icon
The Pro 10000 XP
Your are pro
the-droidgames-golden-button achievement icon
Win more than of 250 coins and buy this achievement
the-hitmarker achievement icon
The hitmarker 15000 XP
Buy the hitmarker art
touch-the-button achievement icon
Yes only touch me :D
droidtutos-youtuber achievement icon
The best youtuber?... nah...
hello-d achievement icon
Hello :D 5000 XP
No watch ads :D
share-me achievement icon
Share me 10000 XP
Share the game.
9k-downloads achievement icon
9k downloads 10000 XP
Thanks for the 9k downloads
merry-xmas achievement icon
Merry Xmas 5000 XP
Merry xmas everybody!! thanks for play my game all the year :D
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