Knights of Pen & Paper 2 Achievement List

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You can find the list of Google Play achievements for Knights of Pen & Paper 2 below. This game is developed by Paradox Interactive AB. Any guide information will be displayed beneath each achievement.

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CategoryRole Playing
Total XP70000 points
RatingsNo Ratings


squire achievement icon
Squire 1000 XP
Reach Level 10.
knight_5 achievement icon
Knight 2000 XP
Reach Level 20.
champion_25 achievement icon
Champion 3000 XP
Reach Level 30.
sudden-death_2 achievement icon
Sudden Death 3000 XP
Inflict an enemy with all conditions.
mad-scientist_5 achievement icon
Mad Scientist 3000 XP
Craft an item without a recipe.
crafting-1 achievement icon
Crafting +1 1000 XP
Craft equipment with a +1 enchantment.
crafting-2 achievement icon
Crafting +2 1000 XP
Craft equipment with a +2 enchantment.
crafting-3 achievement icon
Crafting +3 2000 XP
Craft equipment with a +3 enchantment.
dungeon-delver achievement icon
Dungeon Delver 1000 XP
Clear all rooms in a dungeon.
i-m-just-looking achievement icon
Fully investigate 5 areas.
collector_27 achievement icon
Collector 2000 XP
Find 10 unique items.
cosplay-is-in-my-veins achievement icon
Create a female dwarf character.
specialist_5 achievement icon
Specialist 2000 XP
Assign 15 skills points in a single skill.
many-talents achievement icon
Many Talents 2000 XP
Assign 4 points in all four skills.
feng-shui-master achievement icon
Acquire 5 pieces of Game Room furniture.
dress-up achievement icon
Dress Up 1000 XP
Have a character fully equipped.
hero-s-journey achievement icon
Complete the main storyline.
bring-it-on_2 achievement icon
Bring It On 1000 XP
Win a boss fight.
the-explorer achievement icon
The Explorer 3000 XP
Visit every location in the game.
class-barbarian achievement icon
Unlock the Barbarian class.
class-ninja achievement icon
Class: Ninja 3000 XP
Unlock the Ninja class.
class-warlock achievement icon
Class: Warlock 2000 XP
Unlock the Warlock class.
unlucky_1 achievement icon
Unlucky 1000 XP
Roll 1 in any die roll.
lucky_23 achievement icon
Lucky 1000 XP
Roll 20 in any die roll.
the-big-spender achievement icon
The Big Spender 3000 XP
Spend over 9000 gold.
class-monk achievement icon
Class: Monk 3000 XP
Unlock the Monk class.
crafting-4 achievement icon
Crafting +4 4000 XP
Craft equipment with a +4 enchantment.
class-knight achievement icon
Class: Knight 3000 XP
Unlock the Knight class.
crafting-5 achievement icon
Crafting +5 2500 XP
Craft equipment with a +5 enchantment.
class-druid achievement icon
Class: Druid 1000 XP
Unlock the Druid class.
class-psion achievement icon
Class: Psion 1000 XP
Unlock the Psion class.
virtual-reality achievement icon
Virtual Reality 2500 XP
Beat the virtual out of reality.
king_37 achievement icon
King 3000 XP
Reach Level 40.
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