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You can find the list of Google Play achievements for KIM KARDASHIAN: HOLLYWOOD below. This game is developed by Glu. Any guide information will be displayed beneath each achievement.

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Total XP31500 points
RatingsNo Ratings


e-list achievement icon
E-List 500 XP
Not really a celebrity, but not really a nobody.
d-list achievement icon
D-List 500 XP
It’s possible that a stranger would recognize you on the street before forgetting about you completely.
c-list achievement icon
C-List 1000 XP
You can now shout "Do you know who I am?!?" when fast food restaurants refuse to serve you breakfast in the afternoon.
b-list achievement icon
B-List 2000 XP
But there are still lots of people more famous than you, and that one guy you met that time didn’t know who you were. Unacceptable.
a-list_1 achievement icon
A-List 5000 XP
You’ve made it! But don’t stop now, there are still people out there who don’t absolutely love you. How is that possible?
barfly achievement icon
barfly 2500 XP
The first step is to admit you have a problem. The next is to do booze-related things.
big-spender_10 achievement icon
big spender 2500 XP
Money comes and goes, but virtual achievements are forever. Drop some cash!
day-job achievement icon
day job 2500 XP
You're practically folding clothing before a customer even messes it up.
foodie achievement icon
foodie 2500 XP
Take all you want, but eat all you take!
fierce achievement icon
fierce 2500 XP
Looking good never... looked so good.
love_5 achievement icon
love 2500 XP
All the things you do when you're in love, but hate seeing others do when you're not.
socialite_2 achievement icon
socialite 2500 XP
Float like a social butterfly, but don't sting like a social bee. People don't like that.
the-look achievement icon
the look 2500 XP
Make-up is the photo shop of real life.
vanity achievement icon
vanity 2500 XP
You're ready for your close-up! All it took was seven hours in make-up...
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