Kill Shot Bravo Achievement List

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Hothead Games
Total XP44000 points
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36 Achievements

new-blood achievement icon
New Blood 1000 XP
Take out your first target.
because-i-can achievement icon
Because I Can 1000 XP
Buy your first Premium weapon.
rekt achievement icon
Rekt 1000 XP
Score twice as high than your opponent's score in an Assault Mission.
privacy-please achievement icon
Destroy an enemy drone.
two-for-one achievement icon
Two For One 1000 XP
Get a double headshot kill.
bait-and-switch achievement icon
Bait and Switch 1000 XP
Kill 1 other enemy while a Knifeman is about to attack you.
no-safe-place achievement icon
No Safe Place 1500 XP
Shoot an enemy while midair.
nightstalker achievement icon
Nightstalker 1000 XP
Kill 50 enemies with Thermal active
a-friend-in-need achievement icon
Take friends into battle 50 times.
is-a-friend-indeed achievement icon
Take alliance members into battle 50 times.
camaraderie achievement icon
Camaraderie 1000 XP
Be part of an Alliance with at least 10 members.
leaving-my-mark achievement icon
Leaving My Mark 2000 XP
Kill 10,000 enemies.
look-ma-no-hands achievement icon
Kill 10 enemies using a Sniper rifle without scoping in.
nice-shirt achievement icon
Nice Shirt 1000 XP
Get 500 kills with torso shots.
disarmament achievement icon
Disarmament 1000 XP
Get 500 kills with arm shots.
hand-model achievement icon
Hand Model 1000 XP
Get 500 kills with hand shots.
flesh-wound achievement icon
Flesh wound 1000 XP
Get 500 kills with leg shots.
fatal-repulsions achievement icon
Get 300 explosive kills.
firestarter achievement icon
Firestarter 2000 XP
Detonate 50 explosive barrels.
army-of-one_1 achievement icon
Army of One 1500 XP
Own all 4 classes of weapons.
golden-longbarrel achievement icon
Fully upgrade a Sniper rifle.
master-key achievement icon
Master Key 1500 XP
Fully upgrade a Shotgun.
patriot achievement icon
Patriot 1500 XP
Fully upgrade an Assault Rifle.
heavy-arms achievement icon
Heavy Arms 1500 XP
Fully upgrade a SAW.
the-shadow achievement icon
The Shadow 1500 XP
Purchase the Silencer upgrade for a sniper rifle.
pimp-my-ride achievement icon
Pimp My Ride 1000 XP
Spend 500 Medals on Customization Items
nail-in-the-coffin achievement icon
Get 1000 kills with a sniper rifle.
commando achievement icon
Commando 2000 XP
Get 1000 kills with a assault rifle.
buckshot-magnet achievement icon
Buckshot Magnet 2000 XP
Get 1000 kills with a shotgun.
mullet-and-bandanna achievement icon
Get 1000 kills with a Machine Gun.
richy-rich achievement icon
Richy Rich 3000 XP
Accumulate a total of 10,000,000 Bucks.
sniper-s-mark achievement icon
Sniper's Mark 500 XP
Kill another player with a headshot in PvP
nope achievement icon
Nope! 500 XP
Shoot an enemy rocket before it hits you.
rapid-fire achievement icon
Rapid Fire 500 XP
Kill an enemy sniper within the first 10 seconds of a PvP match
nick-of-time achievement icon
Nick of Time 1000 XP
Kill an enemy sniper within the last 10 seconds of a PvP match
top-gun achievement icon
Top Gun 1000 XP
Kill an enemy sniper with a fully upgraded rifle in PvP
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