Kill Shot Achievement List

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Total XP93000 points
RatingsNo Ratings


first-blood_11 achievement icon
First Blood 500 XP
Welcome to Kill Shot.
got-a-runner achievement icon
Got A Runner 2500 XP
Kill 10 targets after they've been alerted.
violence-of-action achievement icon
Kill 10,000 enemies.
quigley achievement icon
Quigley 1000 XP
Kill 3 enemies with one shot.
alpha-mike-foxtrot achievement icon
Headshot a Sniper with an Assault rifle.
buckshot_2 achievement icon
Buckshot 1000 XP
Kill at least four enemies with Shotgun buckshot.
quickdraw achievement icon
Quickdraw 500 XP
Kill an enemy with a Sniper rifle, but wound him first.
recon-scout achievement icon
Recon Scout 2500 XP
Complete 500 Support missions.
surgical-shooter achievement icon
Kill 10 armed medics while aiding enemies.
that-s-where-i-d-be achievement icon
Kill a Sniper at the last second before he kills you.
mythbuster achievement icon
Mythbuster 5000 XP
Kill 5 enemies by detonating the Suicide Bombers vest.
denied achievement icon
Denied 2500 XP
Kill 5 MG Operators before they set up on their gun.
gunkata achievement icon
Gunkata 2500 XP
Kill 5 enemies with one shot.
gunkata-sensei achievement icon
Gunkata Sensei 7500 XP
Get 5 Multi-Kills in a mission.
just-die-tired achievement icon
Just Die Tired 2500 XP
Headshot a moving target over 250 meters away.
hard-target achievement icon
Hard Target 500 XP
Detonate 50 explosive barrels.
nightstalker_1 achievement icon
Nightstalker 2500 XP
Kill 500 enemies with active Thermal.
sawed-off_2 achievement icon
Sawed Off 2500 XP
Kill 1000 enemies using a Shotgun with no scope.
danger-close achievement icon
Danger Close 2500 XP
Detonate an explosive less than 30 meters from you.
patrol-leader achievement icon
Patrol Leader 1500 XP
Complete 1000 Support missions.
asymmetric-warrior achievement icon
Get 1000 kills with a Sniper rifle.
storm-trooper achievement icon
Storm Trooper 2500 XP
Get 1500 kills with an Assault rifle.
close-encounters achievement icon
Get 1250 kills with a Shotgun.
buzzsaw achievement icon
Buzzsaw 2500 XP
Get 2500 kills with a SAW Gun.
william-tell-overkill achievement icon
Headshot a target over 1000 meters away.
scalphunter achievement icon
Scalphunter 7500 XP
Get 8 Head Shots in one mission.
cook-off achievement icon
Cook Off 500 XP
Kill 4 enemies by shooting a carried grenade.
smooth-operator_4 achievement icon
Complete 10 missions without meeting weapon Suggestions.
theatre-veteran achievement icon
Theatre Veteran 1000 XP
Complete 2000 Support missions.
god-of-war_1 achievement icon
God of War 2500 XP
Own 14 or more weapons.
belt-fed achievement icon
Belt Fed 1500 XP
Kill 40 enemies without reloading or swapping weapons.
operational-elite achievement icon
Complete 5000 Support missions.
360noscope achievement icon
360NoScope 2500 XP
Kill 50 enemies using a Sniper rifle with no scope.
iron-man_1 achievement icon
Iron Man 2500 XP
Kill 500 enemies using an Assault Rifle with no scope.
gearhead-i achievement icon
Gearhead I 1000 XP
Fully upgrade a Sniper rifle
gearhead-ii achievement icon
Gearhead II 1000 XP
Fully upgrade a Shotgun.
gearhead-iii achievement icon
Gearhead III 1000 XP
Fully upgrade an Assault rifle.
gearhead-iv achievement icon
Gearhead IV 500 XP
Fully upgrade a SAW.
close-quarters-combat-pro achievement icon
Kill 500 enemies less than 35 meters from you.
overwatch achievement icon
Overwatch 500 XP
Protect a total of 200 friendlies
munitions-junky achievement icon
Reload 3000 times overall
executioner_5 achievement icon
Executioner 500 XP
Get 10,000 headshots
body-count achievement icon
Body count 500 XP
Get 500 kills with torso shots
speed-loader achievement icon
Speed loader 500 XP
Reload 10 times in a mission
zhakaev-protocol achievement icon
Get 500 kills with arm shots
gunslinger_4 achievement icon
Gunslinger 500 XP
Get 250 kills with hand shots
flesh-wound_1 achievement icon
Flesh Wound 500 XP
Get 500 kills with leg shots
tier-one achievement icon
Tier One 500 XP
Finish in the top 5% or better of a Global Ops event.
pieces-of-eight achievement icon
Collect 888 Kill Coins in a Global Ops event
smart-bomber achievement icon
Smart Bomber 1000 XP
Get 10,000 kills explosive kills.
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