KENDALL & KYLIE Achievement List

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You can find the list of Google Play achievements for KENDALL & KYLIE below. This game is developed by Glu. Any guide information will be displayed beneath each achievement.

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Total XP80000 points
RatingsNo Ratings


stylish achievement icon
stylish 2500 XP
Looking good like you get paid to!
9-to-5 achievement icon
9-to-5 2500 XP
These bills won't pay themselves.
gourmand achievement icon
gourmand 2500 XP
For the love of food and drink!
athletic_1 achievement icon
athletic 2500 XP
Sweat, get up, and move!
shine achievement icon
shine 2500 XP
The center of attention.
trouper achievement icon
trouper 2500 XP
You always were a trouper.
extrovert achievement icon
extrovert 2500 XP
Be the life of the party.
make-it-rain_1 achievement icon
make it rain 2500 XP
Cash rules everything around you.
vocal achievement icon
vocal 2500 XP
Let your voice be heard!
refined achievement icon
refined 2500 XP
Always keeping it classy.
funny_1 achievement icon
funny 2500 XP
Keep 'em laughing.
entertainer achievement icon
entertainer 2500 XP
Captivate the crowd.
virtuoso achievement icon
virtuoso 2500 XP
Always a professional; always the best.
3_40 achievement icon
<3 2500 XP
Lovers gonna love.
dating achievement icon
dating 2500 XP
professional_9 achievement icon
professional 2500 XP
looking-fab achievement icon
looking fab 2500 XP
Clothing is a cure-all.
accessories achievement icon
accessories 2500 XP
Darling, variety isn't the spice of life. Accessories are.
hair achievement icon
hair 2500 XP
Buy hairstyles, achieve self-actualization!
tops achievement icon
tops 2500 XP
Treat your avatar like you'd treat yourself. Splurge on tops, dresses and jackets.
pants achievement icon
pants 2500 XP
Get pants, shorts and skirts off the streets and into a loving closet.
shoes achievement icon
shoes 2500 XP
Purchase footwear, 'cause shoes are life.
hot_14 achievement icon
hot 2500 XP
Some like it hot. You're one of them.
trending achievement icon
trending 2500 XP
You have a way with setting trends.
viral_3 achievement icon
viral 2500 XP
You're as viral as the common cold. Everyone knows about you.
like_14 achievement icon
like 2500 XP
Like, wow, you like a lot of stuff.
audio achievement icon
audio 2500 XP
Get 5-star ratings on podcasts, because your voice is smooth like butter.
video achievement icon
video 2500 XP
Achieve 5-star ratings on videos, because the people love you.
appearances achievement icon
appearances 2500 XP
Score 5-star ratings on appearances, because etiquette dictates you blow up the spot.
modeling achievement icon
modeling 2500 XP
Give back to society by 5-starring modeling gigs.
photoshoots achievement icon
photoshoots 2500 XP
Get 5-star ratings on photo shoots, because image is everything.
dates achievement icon
dates 2500 XP
Earn 5-heart ratings while out on the town with your fav person.
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