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You can find the list of Google Play achievements for iTrousers below. This game is developed by Daniel Truong. Any guide information will be displayed beneath each achievement.

There is no guide information for this game. Use this link to Submit an Achievement Guide for this game.

Total XP55000 points
RatingsNo Ratings


when-in-doubt-take-the-next-small-step achievement icon
Take your first step in iTrousers.
when-life-gives-you-lemons_1 achievement icon
Kick them around! Or make lemonade.
ice-ice-baby achievement icon
Ice ice baby 1500 XP
Made it passed the ice. Smooth.
get-low-get-low achievement icon
Made it passed the limbo bar. To the window, to the wall!
it-hurdles-so-much achievement icon
Despite these hurdles, you made it passed the hurdles.
up-and-atom achievement icon
Up and atom 3000 XP
My eyes! The goggles do nothing! Good job on making it passed the rocket boots.
care-stairs achievement icon
Care stairs 3500 XP
Who knew walking up and down stairs could be so difficult? You rocked it.
tired-yet achievement icon
Tired yet? 4000 XP
Obviously not you! You made it passed the tires.
prepare-to-live achievement icon
Victory achieved. Praise the sun!
you-re-in-treble achievement icon
Time to drop the bass.
can-t-stop-the-rock achievement icon
But you can outrun it!
that-escalated-quickly achievement icon
Well you rode that easily.
pro-skater achievement icon
Pro Skater 4000 XP
Skate or die! In your case, you skated.
the-infinite-abyss achievement icon
Good luck exploring the infinite abyss.
this-obstacle-really-blows achievement icon
I guess that makes you one cool whale!
this-one-s-a-blast achievement icon
Just be sure to land on your feet.
finish achievement icon
Finish 5000 XP
Crossed the finish line. There isn't an obstacle you can't clumsily QWOP across.
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