Into the Dead Achievement List

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Total XP64500 points
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14 Achievements

doing-it-wrong achievement icon
Killed by the first zombie
no-touching achievement icon
No Touching 7500 XP
Run for over 2000m without bumping any zombies
corny achievement icon
Corny 500 XP
Enter the Cornfield
marathon_11 achievement icon
Marathon 10000 XP
Run for 42,195m
perky achievement icon
Perky! 2000 XP
Start a run with 4 perks active
corn-survivor achievement icon
Corn Survivor 3500 XP
Make it through a Cornfield 10 times
woodsman achievement icon
Woodsman 4500 XP
Make it through a Forest 10 times
like-a-boss achievement icon
Like a Boss! 10000 XP
Complete all of the goals
half-marathon achievement icon
Half Marathon 6500 XP
Run for 21,097m
poplar achievement icon
Poplar 1000 XP
Enter the Forest
underachiever achievement icon
Underachiever 1000 XP
Run for less than 200m 3 games in a row
hands-free achievement icon
Hands Free 2500 XP
Run for over 2000m without picking up any weapons
bouncy-bouncy-bouncy achievement icon
Bounce off of 3 different zombies within 3 seconds
28-later achievement icon
28 Later 10000 XP
Complete a run 28 days in a row
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