Interlocked Achievement List

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You can find the list of Google Play achievements for Interlocked below. This game is developed by Armor Games. Any guide information will be displayed beneath each achievement.

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Total XP32500 points
RatingsNo Ratings


beginner-s-luck achievement icon
Complete the first level
woodlock achievement icon
Woodlock 1000 XP
Finish the wooden chapter
paper-wrap achievement icon
Paper Wrap 1500 XP
Finish the paper chapter
heavy-metal achievement icon
Heavy Metal 2000 XP
Finish the metal chapter
party-animal achievement icon
Party Animal 2500 XP
Party Animal
mission-impossible_1 achievement icon
Get to the end
star-streak achievement icon
Star Streak 500 XP
Solve 3 puzzles with 3 stars in a row - in one seat
superstar_3 achievement icon
Superstar 1500 XP
Complete a chapter with 3 stars for each level
perfectionist_4 achievement icon
Perfectionist 10000 XP
Complete Interlocked with 3 stars for each level
ace_7 achievement icon
Ace 2000 XP
Finish the last puzzle with 25 moves or less
time-streak achievement icon
Time Streak 1000 XP
Earn the time stamp on 4 puzzles in a row - in one seat
quick-fingers achievement icon
Quick Fingers 2000 XP
Earn the time stamp for an entire chapter
compulsive-resetter achievement icon
Reset a puzzle 20 times
puzzled achievement icon
Puzzled 500 XP
Tap "undo" 100 times in one puzzle
the-meaning-of-life achievement icon
Finish a puzzle with the number of moves that represent the meaning of life
tomorrow-s-work achievement icon
Skip a puzzle using the emergency solve button
curious achievement icon
Curious 500 XP
Visit the credits
source-of-inspiration achievement icon
Tap "Inspire the Developers"
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