Influence Achievement List

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You can find the list of Google Play achievements for Influence below. This game is developed by Teremok Games. Any guide information will be displayed beneath each achievement.

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Total XP51000 points
RatingsNo Ratings


nice-to-meet-you_1 achievement icon
Enter your nickname
first-battle_1 achievement icon
First battle 500 XP
Successfully end your first battle
first-victory_3 achievement icon
First victory 500 XP
And it's the first victory!
first-blood_15 achievement icon
First Blood 500 XP
Lose a game :)
statistician achievement icon
Statistician 500 XP
Enter your stats screen three times
curiosity_2 achievement icon
Curiosity 500 XP
Visit our Facebook or page.
symmetry achievement icon
Symmetry 500 XP
Play a battle in Symmetry mode.
fear-of-the-dark achievement icon
Play a battle in Darkness mode.
newbie_5 achievement icon
Newbie 500 XP
Play 25 battles.
strong-player achievement icon
Strong Player 500 XP
Play 100 battles.
semipro-player achievement icon
Semipro Player 1000 XP
Keep playing and finish 500 battles.
professional-player achievement icon
One more step toward mastering the game - 1,000 battles.
master-player_1 achievement icon
Master Player 2000 XP
Become one of the long-players - 2,000 battles is your goal.
expert-of-influence achievement icon
You'll be an Expert of Influence when you finish 4,000 battles.
the-begining achievement icon
The begining 500 XP
Earn 10,000 Influence points as a start.
major-influencer achievement icon
Become a strong Influencer with 100,000 Influence points.
first-million achievement icon
First million 1000 XP
Keep spreading your Influence! 1 Million points is your next goal.
multi-millionaire_1 achievement icon
Become one of the best players in the game. Score 3 Millions points.
god-of-influence achievement icon
10,000,000 IP? When you start, you think it's impossible. Later you realize that you can.
fighter_3 achievement icon
Fighter 500 XP
Win 25 battles.
warrior_7 achievement icon
Warrior 500 XP
Win more battles. You need 100 for this one.
warlord achievement icon
Warlord 1000 XP
Keep up! Win 250 battles!
primo-victoria achievement icon
Primo Victoria 1000 XP
Through the gates of hell! We need more! 500 wins!!!
the-art-of-war_1 achievement icon
The Art of War 2000 XP
Just make a 1,000 victories. Like a pro.
legend-of-influence achievement icon
Become a legendary general with 3,500 victories!
top-1000 achievement icon
TOP-1000 1000 XP
Become one of the thousand best Influence players. (Weekly Online Rating)
top-100_1 achievement icon
TOP-100 2000 XP
Be in the first 100 of Influece players. (Weekly Online Rating)
top-25 achievement icon
TOP-25 3000 XP
Achieve at lease 25th place in Weekly Online Rating.
top-10_2 achievement icon
TOP-10 5000 XP
Make your way to the TOP-10 player in Weekly Online Rating.
5-days achievement icon
5 days 500 XP
Play 5 days in a row
15-days achievement icon
15 days 500 XP
Play 15 days in a row
30-days achievement icon
30 days 1000 XP
Play 30 days in a row
60-days achievement icon
60 days 2000 XP
Play 60 days in a row
90-days achievement icon
90 days 3000 XP
Play 90 days in a row
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