Hydraulic Press Pocket Achievement List

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You can find the list of Google Play achievements for Hydraulic Press Pocket below. This game is developed by Linnama Entertainment. Any guide information will be displayed beneath each achievement.

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Total XP100000 points
RatingsNo Ratings


beginner-crusher achievement icon
Crush 5 items!
novice-crusher achievement icon
Novice Crusher 1000 XP
Crush 25 items!
amateur-crusher achievement icon
Amateur crusher 2000 XP
Crush 50 items!
crusher_4 achievement icon
Crusher 2000 XP
Crush 100 items!
expert-crusher achievement icon
Expert Crusher 3000 XP
Crush 500 items!
pro-crusher_1 achievement icon
Pro Crusher 3000 XP
Crush 2500 items!
master-crusher achievement icon
Master Crusher 5000 XP
Crush 5000 items!
lauri-crusher achievement icon
Lauri Crusher 5000 XP
Crush 10000 items!
collector_53 achievement icon
Collector 2000 XP
Collect 30 unique items!
hoarder_11 achievement icon
Hoarder 4000 XP
Collect 60 unique items!
you-need-a-storage achievement icon
Collect 100 unique items!
you-need-a-warehouse achievement icon
Collect 150 unique items!
collaboration achievement icon
Collaboration 1000 XP
Make a collaboration!
collab-king achievement icon
Collab King 2000 XP
Make 50 collaborations!
collabs-for-days achievement icon
Make 100 collaborations!
cool-video achievement icon
Cool Video 1000 XP
Make a Cool Video! (Single Trend)
topical-video achievement icon
Topical Video 1000 XP
Make a Topical Video! (Double Trend)
hot-video achievement icon
Hot Video 2000 XP
Make a Hot Video! (Triple Trend)
viral-video achievement icon
Viral Video 2000 XP
Make a Viral Video! (Quad Trend)
super-viral-video achievement icon
Make a Super-Viral Video! (Penta Trend)
that-was-really-cool achievement icon
Crush Adamantium Claws!
treasure-chest_2 achievement icon
Treasure Chest 1000 XP
Open a Treasure Chest!
treasure-hunter_26 achievement icon
Treasure Hunter 3000 XP
Open 20 Treasure Chests!
the-memes-are-real achievement icon
Crush a Di.. Uhm.. Statue!
geting-started achievement icon
Geting Started 1000 XP
Surpass 1,000 subscribers!
small-channel achievement icon
Small Channel 2000 XP
Surpass 5,000 subscribers!
you-have-an-audience achievement icon
Surpass 25,000 subscribers!
silver-play-button achievement icon
Surpass 100,000 subscribers!
gold-play-button achievement icon
Surpass 1,000,000 subscribers!
diamond-play-button achievement icon
Surpass 10,000,000 subscribers!
pewdiecake achievement icon
PewDieCake 5000 XP
Surpass 50,000,000 subscribers!
streak-on achievement icon
Streak On! 2000 XP
Correctly rate 25 comments in a row!
you-re-on-fire_1 achievement icon
You're On Fire! 3000 XP
Correctly rate 50 comments in a row!
keep-going_2 achievement icon
Keep Going! 4000 XP
Correctly rate 250 comments in a row!
is-this-even-possible achievement icon
Correctly rate 1,000 comments in a row!
di-di-diamonds achievement icon
Thank you!
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