Hoplite Achievement List

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You can find the list of Google Play achievements for Hoplite below. This game is developed by Magma Fortress. Any guide information will be displayed beneath each achievement.

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CategoryRole Playing
Total XP30000 points
RatingsNo Ratings


optimal-restoration achievement icon
Pray for restoration with one heart and zero energy remaining
combo-bash achievement icon
Combo Bash 500 XP
Knock a demon into the magma by bashing another demon or bomb into it
multi-kill achievement icon
Multi Kill 500 XP
Lunge a demon while stabbing two others in a single move
rampage achievement icon
Rampage 500 XP
Kill at least one demon per turn for seven consecutive turns
xiphos-master achievement icon
Xiphos Master 500 XP
Stab 10 demon footman by leaping over them
dory-master achievement icon
Dory Master 500 XP
Lunge 10 demon archers by leaping directly towards them
aspis-master achievement icon
Aspis Master 500 XP
Explode 10 demon demolitionists by bashing bombs toward them
conflagration achievement icon
Conflagration 500 XP
Incinerate 10 demons by bashing them into the magma
crush-saga achievement icon
Crush Saga 500 XP
Crush 10 demons by bashing them into solid surfaces
hermes achievement icon
Hermes 500 XP
Reach depth 10
victory_2 achievement icon
Victory 1000 XP
Return the Fleece
the-depths achievement icon
The Depths 2000 XP
Take the Fleece to depth 27 before returning
flawless achievement icon
Flawless 2000 XP
Return the Fleece without taking damage
speed-run achievement icon
Speed Run 2000 XP
Return the Fleece in 150 turns or less
atheist achievement icon
Atheist 2000 XP
Return the Fleece without praying
demon-partisan achievement icon
Demon Partisan 2000 XP
Return the Fleece without killing any wizards or demolitionists
streaker achievement icon
Streaker 2000 XP
Return the Fleece three games in a row
pacifist achievement icon
Pacifist 2000 XP
After picking up the Fleece, reach depth 20 without killing another demon
hoplite-master achievement icon
Hoplite Master 5000 XP
Take the Fleece to depth 27 or below before returning three times in a row without taking the same prayer from Artemis, Zeus, Athena, Hermes or Hephaestus more than once across all three games
challenger_4 achievement icon
Challenger 5000 XP
Win the daily challenge on your first attempt three days in a row
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