Gravity Brick Breaker Achievement List

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Dongmin Lee
Total XP100000 points
RatingsNo Ratings

7 Achievements

pacifist_1 achievement icon
Pacifist 10000 XP
Even to the end, you never hit a single brick. Congratulations! You failed the game.
10000-points achievement icon
10000 points 10000 XP
Hit the bricks ten thousand times.
100000-points achievement icon
100000 points 15000 XP
Hit the bricks a hundred thousand times. You can do better than that, though.
500000-points achievement icon
500000 points 20000 XP
Hit the bricks five hundred thousand times. Are you satisfied?
level-100_1 achievement icon
Level 100 10000 XP
Survive a hundred waves of bricks.
level-300_1 achievement icon
Level 300 15000 XP
Survive three hundred waves of bricks. It only gets harder from here...
level-500 achievement icon
Level 500 20000 XP
Survive five hundred waves of bricks. The developer is concerned about your sanity.
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