Give It Up! 2 - free music jump game Achievement List

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Invictus Games Ltd.
Total XP29000 points
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14 Achievements

trial-and-error achievement icon
Trial and error 1500 XP
Try doing a stage 100 times.
all-shiny achievement icon
All shiny 2000 XP
Complete a stage pack for max stars.
the-hidden-level achievement icon
Find a bonus level.
challenge-accepted_7 achievement icon
Complete a daily challenge.
easy-as-a-pie achievement icon
Easy as a pie 1000 XP
Finish a stage for the first try.
you-are-not-prepared achievement icon
Unlock the second stage pack.
the-path-of-glass achievement icon
Earn 3 stars on stage 12.
pile-of-gold achievement icon
Pile of gold 2000 XP
Have 500 unspent coin at a time.
every-nook-and-cranny_1 achievement icon
Find all hidden coins in a stage pack.
collect-em-all achievement icon
Collect every character.
three-times-the-charm achievement icon
Complete the daily challenge on three successive days.
i-don-t-give-up achievement icon
Earn 3 stars on every stage.
almost-had-it achievement icon
Fail a stage with more than 45 points collected.
missed-something achievement icon
Finish a stage with less than 10 points collected.
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