Giant Boulder of Death Achievement List

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You can find the list of Google Play achievements for Giant Boulder of Death below. This game is developed by [adult swim] games. Any guide information will be displayed beneath each achievement.

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Total XP30500 points
RatingsNo Ratings


rock-hard-resurrection achievement icon
Play the game twice
beauty-is-in-the-beast achievement icon
Unlock the Yeti
keep-on-rollin achievement icon
Continue twice in one run
pretty-in-pink achievement icon
Pretty in Pink 1500 XP
Unlock the Ms. Boulder theme
squash-agent achievement icon
Squash Agent 1500 XP
Unlock the Jack O’ Boulder theme
meteoric-speedball achievement icon
Use the head start to get an Invinciboulder
balls-of-stone achievement icon
Balls of stone 1500 XP
Survive 15,000m without using a continue
on-top-of-the-world achievement icon
Fully upgrade The Boulder's jump height
cheat-death_1 achievement icon
Cheat death 2000 XP
Find and destroy the Reaper
extinction-squad achievement icon
Destroy a Stegadino
king-of-the-hill achievement icon
Complete all goals with The Boulder
pink-avenger achievement icon
Pink Avenger 2000 XP
Complete all goals with Ms. Boulder
bouldergeist achievement icon
Bouldergeist 2000 XP
Complete all goals with Jack O’ Boulder
the-jingle-bell-rock achievement icon
Complete all goals with Happy Holiboulder
day-tripper achievement icon
Day Tripper 2000 XP
Complete the daily goal on all 7 days
gifted achievement icon
Gifted 2000 XP
Unlock the Happy Holiboulder theme
goodbye-kiss achievement icon
Goodbye Kiss 2000 XP
Hit a Glam Yeti
thrash-em-all achievement icon
Complete all goals with Metal Boulder
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