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Total XP13500 points
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welcome_8 achievement icon
Welcome! 500 XP
Welcome to the Ghost Town! A little help to grandpa's neighbor Mario is the first step to saving the whole city!
the-gardener-s-heart achievement icon
A love triangle is a tough puzzle to solve! It's a good thing everyone managed to make peace and preserve their friendship and love!
crime-and-punishment achievement icon
A repentant criminal has the right to a second chance. In the Ghost Town for certain!
brothers-forever achievement icon
Brotherly bonds are indestructible! No disagreements can break them.
no-accounting-for-tastes achievement icon
Without a mayor, the town is headless. Without the beau-monde, it's ugly! Fortunately, the Ghost Town now has both!
a-radical-decision achievement icon
An illusionist and a dreamer complement each other perfectly! And the alliance is certainly no trick of the eye!
law-abiding-citizen achievement icon
Even the chief detective is being followed! And sometimes for a reason! Law and order in the Ghost Town has been restored!
the-whole-world-s-a-stage achievement icon
Even the puppeteer can be manipulated by their own misconceptions. And great willpower is needed to accept one's mistake. Even more is needed to fix it.
it-s-real achievement icon
It's real! 500 XP
It’s real! And I didn’t believe in it! I’m so glad I was wrong! This is the best Christmas ever!
pumpkin-fireworks achievement icon
It’s great to see this family’s misunderstandings resolved in such a crazy, awesome way. And what an unforgettable scary adventure!
book-of-fairy-tales achievement icon
The mysteries of the ancient tome of fairy tales are uncovered! Puss in Boots is back in the Royal Guard, the Beast is back in his enchanted castle awaiting his Beauty, and the seven dwarves are in their mines mining their gems. Who knows how many more mysterious books are in Grandpa's basement?
plumbing-against-one-s-will achievement icon
Wow, you never know what things – and people! – you'll find in the city sewers! By helping Mario with his labor, Anna not only learned the art of plumbing but also found another good friend. He prefers clean places, too, even though she found him stuck in the sewer.
lost-friend achievement icon
Lost Friend 500 XP
The old grandfather's friend clearly loves traveling! And leaving his journals all over the place. Retracing his steps left Anna with more questions than answers. But that won't stop her, right?
a-path-of-flowers achievement icon
The Great Gardener found a way to understanding his nature and his destiny! But how can he reach them without the help of the friends who are truly concerned about him? And who knows how many more achievements are waiting for those willing to help their friends out?
walking-in-a-dream achievement icon
What happens when your pillow gets bored? It decides to try and swallow up the world, of course! So you'd better sleep frequently. No sense letting your pillow get lonely... and bored!
the-gears-of-love achievement icon
I helped two loving hearts to meet – it was worth it all in the end! Who ever said the road to true love was smooth?
the-long-winter achievement icon
And now that spring has come to Loominvalley, the Loomins have another party to go to.
it-s-april-fools-day achievement icon
New adventures are ahead, but the main thing is that the creeper government isn’t behind me! Let Florian deal with that!
white-and-fluffy achievement icon
The day of the holiday is coming to a close, but the holiday goes on! The bunnies are a living proof of that! Well, a wooden one…
family-values achievement icon
Family values 500 XP
It's so nice for all the family to get together from time to time! Mom and pop are busy saving humanity again, and with the daughter of parents like that, the ghost world is surely in safe hands!
summer-islands achievement icon
Now that’s an adventure! It didn’t go like I expected at all, but I had a good time! On top of that, now I have my own yacht!
magicians-united achievement icon
The unity of magical creatures and ghosts not only dealt with all the threats, but also proved that friendship and teamwork is sometimes far stronger than the mightiest wizards!
always-summer-but-never-picnics achievement icon
I’m so glad the curses of the various worlds can’t affect other worlds. And I’m so happy for my friends from Arnia! I hope I see them again.
the-art-of-magic achievement icon
Anna has got a certificate and proved her expertise in the magic arts, and now nobody can doubt her skills!
family-ghost achievement icon
Family Ghost 500 XP
Woohoo! Now that everything's so great, Sally can scamper off to dates with a clear conscience and have a good time! And return home to her beloved family too, of course.
the-one-who-laughs achievement icon
Palaces, intrigue, antics... and true, pure affection, like a flower in the midst of the filth. This story had it all…
christmas-lights achievement icon
It’s a good thing we managed to defeat the evil spirit... May this Christmas be unforgettable!
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