Gears logic puzzles Achievement List

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You can find the list of Google Play achievements for Gears logic puzzles below. This game is developed by Sergey Tropin. Any guide information will be displayed beneath each achievement.

There is no guide information for this game. Use this link to Submit an Achievement Guide for this game.

Total XP48000 points
RatingsNo Ratings


test-drive_1 achievement icon
Test drive! 500 XP
One level completed.
5_194 achievement icon
5 500 XP
5 levels completed.
10_241 achievement icon
10 500 XP
10 levels completed.
20_54 achievement icon
20 500 XP
20 levels completed.
30_40 achievement icon
30 500 XP
30 levels completed.
40_24 achievement icon
40 500 XP
40 levels completed.
50_125 achievement icon
50 500 XP
50 levels completed.
100-mechanic achievement icon
100 levels completed.
20-in-arrow-set achievement icon
20 in arrow set 1500 XP
Complete 20 levels in the set "arrow"
10-in-rpm achievement icon
10 in RPM. 2500 XP
Complete 10 levels in set "Layer". RPM - Rotate per minute.
200-wow achievement icon
200, wow! 1000 XP
Complete 200 levels.
500-genius achievement icon
500, Genius! 5000 XP
Complete 500 levels!
1000-the-king-of-gears achievement icon
Complete 1000 levels!
ads-free achievement icon
Ads free 1000 XP
Ads free
creator_9 achievement icon
Creator. 500 XP
Make 5 levels.
collector_59 achievement icon
Collector. 1000 XP
Get 321 score points(stars).
start_9 achievement icon
Start 1500 XP
Complete 50 levels in the Start set.
square_18 achievement icon
Square 1500 XP
Complete 30 levels in the Square set.
fall_6 achievement icon
Fall 1500 XP
Complete 50 levels in the Fall set.
rusty_1 achievement icon
Rusty 2000 XP
Complete 100 levels in the Jamming set.
rail_4 achievement icon
Rail 2000 XP
Complete 90 levels in the rake set.
ring_8 achievement icon
Ring 3000 XP
Complete 200 levels in the Ring set.
arrow_7 achievement icon
Arrow 2500 XP
Complete 100 levels in the Arrow set.
layer achievement icon
Layer 3500 XP
Complete 200 levels in the Layer set.
blue_13 achievement icon
Blue 2500 XP
Complete 50 levels in the Blue set.
art_32 achievement icon
Art 1500 XP
Complete 15 levels in the Art set.
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